Do You Have the Guts To Brave The Horrors That 'Broken Pieces' Psychological Thriller Will Throw At You?

Do You Have the Guts To Brave The Horrors That 'Broken Pieces' Psychological Thriller Will Throw At You?
Broken pieces are part of every great story...

‘Broken Pieces’ is a psychological thriller that is set in the post-cold-war era. 

Stepping into a creepy living space that looks like it needs a LOT of TLC. Image by 'Broken Pieces.'

Your story starts when ‘Elise’ and her fiance decide to leave their urban lifestyle behind and move to a rural area on the French coast. As fate would have it, ‘Elise’ finds herself completely alone, and this is where you step into her shoes!

You are surrounded by strange phenomena in your new home… The region of ‘Saint-Exil,’ where you now live, is shrouded in mystery. To add to its mysterious darkness, it is home to a ritualistic cult and a lighthouse that hides ancient secrets.

The game features strong investigative adventure elements. As Elise, you need to explore the fictional ‘Saint-Exil’ region of Brittany to uncover its secrets, unravel its mysteries, and figure out what exactly is going down in your new neighborhood.

‘Broken Pieces’ allows you to switch between a first-person perspective and 2 different third-person camera angles during any part of the game. This allows you to examine puzzles and clues from all angles to help you progress through the game more easily.

Standing on a pier looking at strange water phenomena. Image by 'Broken Pieces.'

There is extensive environmental interaction that allows you to search for clues and learn more about what is going on in ‘Saint-Exil.’ 

Be sure that you are always home before dark though… Outside is the last place you want to be when night falls in ‘Saint-Exil!’ 

No matter how careful you are, you are bound to run into enemy characters at some point. When this happens, you will need to fight to survive using the game’s fixed-camera combat system. To restore your health, you can consume drinks from your fridge or by sleeping.

‘Broken Pieces,’ is developed by a team of 5 developers, including ‘Elseware Experience,’ ‘Benoit Dereau,’ and ‘Mael Vignaux.’ The game is coming to Steam in September 2022.

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