E3 2018: Metro Exodus Gameplay - Top 5 Key Takeaways

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It's time for another adventure through Russia

Russia is full of radiation, and you're in the middle of the mess.

Metro is an epic FPS series based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky and is developed by 4A games. The Metro series is set in a post - apocalyptic Russia which has been destroyed by nuclear war. The Russian survivors are forced to live in underground metro tunnels around Moscow to escape the horrors of the surface. Players follow the story of one of the survivors named Artyom, who must fight to save his home station and family, while encountering many mutants and enemy humans along the way. Following Metro 2033 and then its sequel, Last Light, which were great hits, Metro Exodus was revealed as the third installment in the series this year at E3. Here are 5 key takeaways from the demo gameplay.

1. Multiple Open Worlds

Metro Exodus will be the first Metro game to contain multiple massive open worlds, one of which will be called Volga. The world will be the game’s largest open level. Players may roam around in this area, although the Volga will still be interwoven with Metro Exodus’ linear story and smaller levels. Volga will be many times larger than the largest world in the previous Metro game. Thus, there will be many more available “encounters” for any player who decides to go on a free roam through the open world. Metro Exodus will follow a new sandbox gameplay style, and will require players to scavenge for supplies like ammo and chemicals to survive in the Volga to survive. The open world will be active, as mutants, animals, and other humans will interact with each other, without the player’s involvement. As the game progresses, players will go to more open world areas.

2. Many Play Styles

Metro Exodus won’t be the first Metro game to allow players to choose how they wish to complete a level. There will multiple ways and tactics to complete a mission. Some tactics will require patience and discretion, while other strategies may require a lot of ammo. It’s up to the player whether they want to kill everyone who is an enemy or use a more ethical approach. In any case, stealth will be an important mechanic throughout the game.

3. Mobile Modifications

Metro Exodus will be the first of its kind to allow modification to weapons on the go. This is great for two reasons. First, this means that players will be able to modify their weapons and set up without switching to a hub or a workshop as many games do. Mobile modification helps Metro Exodus achieves its intended goal of an immersive first person RPG. Playing this game, you should feel like the survivor, especially because there will be close to no HUD. Second, players can become more practical. Both the main weapon and secondary pistol can be modified in seconds to be more effective in long or short range, depending on the fight. This is only true for smaller modifications, however. Players will still need to find a workbench to make bigger changes to guns, craft weapons, or do other fun stuff. Workbenches can be used to make hundreds of different modifications, using supplies found in the Volga or other open world levels. Equipment like tools and clothes can be modified for better use as well.

4. Extreme Detail

Metro Exodus looks to be far more detailed than previous games, in not just graphics. The game will require you to pay close attention to your surroundings if you want to survive. For example, it’s advisable for the player to turn off lamps and such when taking out their enemies to avoid giving away their position. Dirt and grime also get to be part of the game’s intricacies. With use, your weapons actually get dirtier, resulting in reduced accuracy and damage, and an increased likelihood of jams or overheating. You as the player will need to spend resources to maintain your weapon.

5. Nap Time

Metro Exodus will also add the normal bodily human function of sleep. You’ll be able to take rest and set a time to wake up, like day or night, depending on what you plan to do. Sleeping actually has many tactical advantages in this game. During the day, enemies roam on patrol alone and are easier to pick off. But this also leaves you visible to enemies. During the night, enemies remain huddled together at a camp, and are grouped together. In addition, more dangerous enemies roam the night. But you get the advantage of stealth. Choose wisely.

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CopywriteDetective 5 years 8 months ago

I've only seen the trailer & read the article but off that it's a awesome looking game with a slight bit of action humor with that failed arrow shot attempt.

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