'Heatwave' Guerilla Group Sandbox Brings Violence and Bloodshed To the Alaskan Frontier

'Heatwave' Guerilla Group Sandbox Brings Violence and Bloodshed To the Alaskan Frontier
Standing up for the downtrodden can be pretty dangerous...

‘Heatwave’ is a sandbox guerilla group simulator that is set in the beautiful and dangerous state of Alaska.

Explosive barrels can be used to destroy enemy supplies and buildings. Image by 'Heatwave.'

The game starts off in the year 2080, in a world that has been ravaged by climate change and is being battered by crisis after crisis. In a desperate attempt to save the mainland US, the American government decides to abandon Alaska and focus its efforts on the mainland.

Russia and China leap at the opportunity to grab up more hospitable land and launch a full-scale invasion of Alaska. The American citizens of Alaska are forced to band together in guerilla groups and fight back against the superior enemy forces.

You take the reins as a guerilla group leader. You need to build your guerilla camp and establish a set of rules by which your band will abide. Over time you need to expand your base, building bigger and better buildings that will cater to all your needs, including manufacturing, storage, shelter, and more.

Crossing a bridge into uncharted territory. Image by 'Heatwave.'

Your people can collect resources from the forests and towns to help build up your settlement. The materials you collect can be used to build new tools, weapons, and medicine. You can also trade with other groups and form alliances to fight back against the invaders.

The game’s combat system is heavily focused on guerilla tactics and utilizes a grid-based construction system. Diplomacy is also a key element of ‘Heatwave.’

‘Heatwave,’ is developed by ‘Perimeter Games.’ The developers have not announced an official release date for the game yet.

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