'Idle Research' Incremental Resource Management Game Is Highly "Addictive"

'Idle Research' Incremental Resource Management Game Is Highly "Addictive"
Time to figure out the next crazy thing that the power of science will create!

‘Idle Research’ is an incremental resource management game that can be quite addictive!

In ‘Idle Research,’ your goal is to generate as much of three different types of energy as possible. You need to research and craft items such as flasks, tubes, and cylinders, which will help you to create the energy that you need!

Buying different crafting slots and items. Image by 'Idle Research.'

You can research up to 27 different items that you will need to use for crafting in the game. Once you have researched these items, you can craft them to help speed up your energy production. They can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the game.

Energy can be used to help speed up your in-game progress by powering various ‘Accelerators.’ There are 41 different types of accelerators that will help to boost your progress in the game and get you to the end as quickly as possible.

Auto researching new flasks and items. Image by 'Idle Research.'

Special upgrades such as ‘Automation’ can help you to earn fire items, which are powerful items that will give you a major performance boost. Mastering various items will also increase research speed and allow you to get ‘Mystical’ items.

‘Mystical Flasks’ allow you to buy upgrades from the ‘Mastery Tree.’ You will use your items to battle in 9 zones that each has unlimited zones within them. Zones drop different skills that can also speed up your progress in-game.

‘Idle Research’ can be played on mobile and on the web version of the game. The game is developed by ‘CryptoGrounds Games LLC,’ and was released on Steam in August 2022.

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