'Kabaret' Adventure Game Breathes Life Into the Monsters Of Southeast Asian Mythology

'Kabaret' Adventure Game Breathes Life Into the Monsters Of Southeast Asian Mythology
Counseling monsters is not for the faint-hearted!

‘Kabaret’ is an adventure game that is based on the incredible monsters of Southeast Asian mythology.

Listening to the horrifying tales monsters have to tell. Image by 'Kabaret.'

In ‘Kabaret,’ you play as ‘Jebat,’ who has been cursed and turned into a monster. You must journey to the realm of ‘Alam,’ where you need to provide tasseomancy services to the inhabitants of the ‘Kabaret’ to help you gather the information you need to break your curse.

The owner of ‘Kabaret,’ who is called ‘The Caretaker,’ has taken you under his wing, allowing you to provide the necessary services to its inhabitants.

There is a continuous cycle of mythical creatures and monsters that come to visit the ‘Kabaret,’ and each of them originates from Southeast Asian folklore and legends. Each of them comes with a fascinating story for you to listen to before you help them with your tasseomancy services.

Discovering a brand new type of monster. Image by 'Kabaret.'

With each monster that you help you come closer and closer to discovering the secret to breaking the curse that turned you into a monster. 

The game gives you a glimpse into the incredible world of Southeast Asian folklore and has been described as being like walking into a bar and meeting different monsters and people from all sorts of different backgrounds with fascinating stories to tell.

‘Kabaret’ is developed by ‘Persona Theory Games.’ The developers haven’t announced an official release date yet, however, the game is scheduled for release during the third quarter of 2022.

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