'Karagon' Survival Crafter Creates Ark-Like Vibes With A Uniquely Robotic Twist

'Karagon' Survival Crafter Creates Ark-Like Vibes With A Uniquely Robotic Twist
How far are you willing to go in the name of survival...

‘Karagon’ is a survival crafting game set in a post-apocalyptic open world and features extensive crafting, looting, and even rideable elemental robots!

A massive white robot roaming around in the woods. Image by 'Karagon.'

In ‘Karagon,’ you need to survive in a jungle world, crafting weapons and equipment while farming for resources, building a decent base, and advancing through different tiers of technological development.

To survive, you will need to fight off killer robots and collect the basic necessities for survival like food, water, and materials for shelter.

You can craft all sorts of weapons and gear, with the items you are able to craft becoming more powerful and advanced as you progress through the technology tree. You can craft guns, swords, tools, armor, forges, workbenches, and more. 

A baby robot chilling with a big robot in front of old city ruins. Image by 'Karagon.'

By exploring the world and investigating the multi-tiered buildings scattered across the map you will find the materials you need to research and craft new weapons and gear. Additionally, you will also find schematics that will allow you to discover new stuff to craft!

You can choose the path you take through the tech tree, creating a powerful build that is suited to your playstyle and will allow you to dominate enemy players and killer robots.

There are numerous events that can occur in the world, including different storms and variations of killer elemental robots.

The game has both a single-player and multiplayer mode.

‘Karagon’ is developed by ‘Tbijbu 2.’ The developers have not announced an official release date for the game, but they have stated that it is “coming soon.”


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