'Midair: Community Edition' Jetpack Shooter Gets the Adrenaline Pumping With Epic Action

'Midair: Community Edition' Jetpack Shooter Gets the Adrenaline Pumping With Epic Action
Time to strap in and start blasting away at your enemies!

‘Midair: Community Edition,’ is a fast-paced science fiction jetpack shooter game.

Beautiful mountainous terrain covered in a light mist. Image by 'Midair: Community Edition.'

In ‘Midair: Community Edition,’ you go to war, flying around in jetpacks and fighting for your life against an incredible host of different enemies.

In ‘Midair: Community Edition,’ movement is a critical element in gameplay and in combat. It is an art that you need to master to the point that it becomes second nature. 

You have a powerful jetpack and frictionless boots that you can use together to attack enemies at high speed, dodge enemy attacks and gunfire, and move quickly from one area to the next.

Your jetpack draws power from your armor reserve, so you need to be careful not to use it excessively and make yourself too vulnerable. Your jetpack can be adjusted to be more suited to horizontal maneuverability, or you can use it for high-speed vertical travel.

A defensive position on a snow-covered mountain peak. Image by 'Midair: Community Edition.'

Teamwork is a crucial element of gameplay in ‘Midair: Community Edition.’ Failure to coordinate as a team will make it much harder to attain victory and ultimately result in your team’s complete destruction.

By working together as a team, you will be able to capture enemy flags easily and efficiently with minimal casualties. It is also important that you explore the terrain thoroughly and plan your attack and defense based on the map's layout.

Knowing the map and how it flows well will give you a distinct advantage over players who are unfamiliar with the map and do not understand how it works as well as you do.

‘Midair: Community Edition’ is developed by ‘Vector Z Studios,’ and is coming to Steam in September 2022.

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