'Priest Simulator' Satirical Game Mocks Themes Centred Around Religion and Christianity

'Priest Simulator' Satirical Game Mocks Themes Centred Around Religion and Christianity
Time to make mischief in your community as the local priest!

‘Priest Simulator,’ is a satirical “mockumentary” that is based loosely on themes from the Christian religion.

In ‘Priest Simulator,’ you play a vampire priest who is on the hunt for his baton. He plans to get his baton back and then return to Hell, where he came from. The game is set in the fictional village of “San de Ville,’ in modern Poland. 

A fight that needs to be broken up behind some old buildings. Image by 'Priest Simulator.'  

Your journey will be filled with peril, and you will need to battle shatanists, strengthen your character, rebuild your church, and “gather splendor.”

There are 8 different divine weapons for you to use to fight your enemies. What’s more, the game allows you to dual-wield, meaning twice the murder and mayhem in half the time! You can craft upgrades for your weapons using black metal.

Part of your mission is to rebuild your church. You can buy church blueprints and use modern tools to restore your rubble pile of a church to its former glory. As you restore the church you will increase the “faith level” and unlock new features that will attract a larger congregation.

Entering the church where you need to do your most important work. Image by 'Priest Simulator.'

Your new church congregation is in shambles. Their pastor sold them demonic totems. Consequentially, there have been a large number of possessions and you will need to exorcise the demons that are riding the souls of your congregants to Hell.

Your journey will not be easy, but with some effort, you’ll soon have the church just the way you want it, you’ll find your baton, and you’ll be on your way back home to Hell.

‘Priest Simulator,’ is developed by ‘Ultimate Games S.A.,’ and is coming to Steam in October 2022.

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