'Retreat to Enen' Is A Journey of Peace and Calm Far Into the World's Future

'Retreat to Enen' Is A Journey of Peace and Calm Far Into the World's Future
Time for a trip to paradise on Earth! Where you'll need to battle to survive against the elements...

‘Retreat to Enen’ is a survival game of sorts. The game is set in 3600 C.E. Global crises, including war, famine, and a pile of other problems almost resulted in the extinction of the human race.

A small camp set up under the palm trees near the beach. Image by 'Retreat to Enen.'

Something about the idea of ceasing to exist jarred the remnants of humanity awake to how dire the situation on Earth was. So humanity changed. For once, humans actually decided to implement real change!

To live in the new world, everyone needs to complete a “rite of passage.” Your turn has come. The process is quite simple. You must journey to the island of Enen, where you must learn to become one with your planet by living off the land, surviving, and meditating.

You need to explore the island of Enen, collect the resources you need, forage and hunt for food, build a shelter, and learn to live with the Earth in harmony through a mutually beneficial symbiosis.

A well-built house in the jungle on Enen. Image by 'Retreat to Enen.'

Meditation is also a key element of successfully completing your rite of passage, and you will be able to learn numerous secrets about humanity and its history through meditation at various “meditation points” on the island.

Enen has 3 unique biomes, ranging from dense tropical jungle to icy arctic tundra, and stunning underwater habitats. The game also features a detailed weather and day/night system that will keep your experience fresh and dynamic.

‘Retreat to Enen’ is developed by ‘Freedom Games.’ The game is coming to Steam in August of 2022, provided that everything goes according to plan.

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