'Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure' Strategy RPG Explores the Roots of the 'Disgaea' Series

'Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure' Strategy RPG Explores the Roots of the 'Disgaea' Series
Nothing like a little bit of music to accompany you on an adventure!

‘Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure,’ is a strategy RPG musical adventure that laid the foundation for the ‘Disgaea’ series.

Traveling through the woods with a purple fairy. Image by 'Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.'

In ‘Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure,’ you play a young girl called ‘Cornet.’ She has a unique ability that allows her to communicate with puppets, and she can use this to find the boy of her dreams.

Unfortunately for Cornet, ‘Marjorly,’ an evil menace, is causing trouble in the kingdom and will likely pose a significant threat to Cornet’s mission. The game features a large collection of original songs that are woven into the game and the story.

It also features a unique isometric battle system that is easy to learn for new players, but still fun to play for experienced veterans who know their way around the game! 

Picking an attack type to kill enemies with. Image by 'Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.'

You can gain the edge in battle by using special puppet enhancements such as “Cornet’s Horn.” This ability allows you to collect ‘Appreciation Points’ that can be used to unlock rewards. Rewards have unique effects that will help you to dominate your opponents and beat the game with ease! 

On top of rewards, every character has a unique set of spells given to them by their elemental affinity. 

A powerful combination of spells and elemental abilities can be devastating on the battlefield. Each elemental ability has a weakness that will make you more vulnerable to certain spells from enemy players, so you should be careful when and how you use your spells!

‘Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure,’ is developed by ‘NIS Amercia Inc.,’ and is coming to Steam at the end of August 2022.

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