'Rollerdrome' Is A High-Octane Third-Person Shooter That Gets The Adrenaline Pumping!

'Rollerdrome' Is A High-Octane Third-Person Shooter That Gets The Adrenaline Pumping!
Why not add guns to the already fun activity of rollerskating...

‘Rollerdrome’ is a third-person shooter that is packed with fast-paced action and violent combat that is built to get the heart pumping!

The 'Rollerdrome,' where all the action takes place! Image by 'Rollerdrome.'

In ‘Rollerdrome,’ you step into the shoes of a contestant of the latest and greatest in entertainment… A brand new bloodsport that has been created to satisfy humanity's strange fascination with violence and death: ‘Rollerdrome.’

‘Rollerdrome combines insane movement mechanics with fast-paced violent action that makes for a highly cinematic feast of violent combat for the spectator’s eyes! As you fight, you need to perform various trick shots and moves that will replenish your ammo. Every enemy that you kill will also restore some of your health and help to keep you in the fight!

‘Rollerdrome’ tournaments are challenging events where you will need to prove your superior skill in the arena if you want to get anywhere! You can compete for domination of the online leaderboards against other players if you unlock the ‘Out For Blood’ game mode. Prove to the world that you are the ultimate fighter!

Flying through the 'Rollerdrome' on skates wielding pistols akimbo. Image by 'Rollerdrome.'

According to the developers, the game features a completely original soundtrack that is sure to get your blood pumping as you immerse yourself in the non-stop action of the ‘Rollerdrome.’ Behind the ‘Rollerdrome’ lies a dark conspiracy that you need to uncover by progressing through the game and fighting battles in the ‘Rollerdrome.’

Like with any form of evil entertainment, there is a corporation behind it that is pushing a hidden agenda. The agenda may be money, power, fame, or any number of other things. Whatever it is, it can’t be good!

‘Rollerdrome,’ is developed by ‘Roll7,’ and is coming to Steam in August of 2022.

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