Run a College In 'Two Point Campus' Campus Construction and Management Simulator

Run a College In 'Two Point Campus' Campus Construction and Management Simulator
According to Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Maybe the tyrants who wanted to take over the world went about it the wrong way...

‘Two Point Campus’ is a college campus construction and management simulator set in a world where college can get a lot crazier than normal…

In ‘Two Point Campus,’ you get to build the university campus of your dreams! You can let your imagination run wild. 

The game allows you to easily place roads and pathways. Creating gardens with trees, flowers, and a host of other plants is simple and easy. You can choose to place trees and plants individually, or you can use simple pre-built foundations. 

Construct unique buildings for different purposes, including libraries, gymnasiums, lecture halls, and more! Students will also need accommodation, entertainment facilities, and somewhere to eat and hang out. The better the facilities, the more popular your university will be, and the more money you will make!

Providing exciting entertainment is an essential element of creating a happy environment for your students. 

The game allows you to cater to unique courses and classes such as ‘Knight School,’ where students can learn the art of being a medieval knight, or even ‘Gastronomy,’ where students craft giant culinary masterpieces!

Your goal is to build epic university campuses to house the top teaching facilities in your country! The universities you build will stand for centuries and become a part of education and history forever if you build them right.

Not only must you build campuses, but you must also manage them. You’ll need to help students navigate the exciting journey that is college life, with all its joys, troubles, and crazy adventures.

‘Two Point Campus,’ is developed by ‘Two Point Studios,’ and was released on Steam in August 2022.


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