'Scathe' FPS Bullet Hell Labyrinth Is Drenched In Blood

'Scathe' FPS Bullet Hell Labyrinth Is Drenched In Blood
You won't get through this ordeal unscathed...

‘Scathe’ is a blood-soaked bullet-hell first-person shooter that will take you through the darkest depths of Hell.

Battling killer drones ith a beefy assault rifle. Image by 'Scathe.'

You step into the shoes of ‘Scathe,’ the Enforcer of the “Legions of Hell.” Your mission is to make it through the deadly demonic maze of the Underworld to prove your worth. 

Equipped with a powerful ‘Hell Hammer,’ tremendous strength, and electric speed, you need to navigate the maze, collect the Hellstones, and kill every demonic abomination in your path!

You can choose your own path through the maze, which consists of unique handcrafted zones and multiple possible routes for you to take. There are demons and deadly traps around every corner. Furthermore, every Hellstone is protected by incredibly powerful Guardians that can rip you to shreds without batting an eyelid…

Facing a terrifying enemy giant with huge guns strapped to its arms. Image by 'Scathe.'

Your ‘Hell Hammer’ is not your only weapon. You have a deadly arsenal of powerful weapons that feature abilities such as ‘Hot Hatch,’ which lets you sling hellfire, and ‘Bow Blade,’ which can slice through enemies like a hot knife through butter!

The ancient relics and secrets hidden in the corridors of Hell can grant you powerful dark magic abilities that will make you even deadlier and give you the best possible shot at making it through the maze successfully.

‘Scathe’ is developed by ‘Damage State Ltd.’ The game is scheduled to be released on Steam at the end of August 2022.

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