'Song of the Prairie' Casual Farming Simulator Comes With Infinite Possibility and Endless Opportunity

'Song of the Prairie' Casual Farming Simulator Comes With Infinite Possibility and Endless Opportunity
Explore the magical prairies and build a farm that will knock the socks off old Macdonald!

‘Song of the Prairie’ is a casual farming simulation game that is set in the vast open prairies of the United States.

Helping out the neighbors with tasks that need to be completed. Image by 'Song of the Prairie.'

Your journey begins in ‘Prairie Town.’ This is a strange little town isolated from the rest of the world and inhabited by fascinating people, strange animals, and exceptionally large plants.

You can build a farm where you can plant and grow a variety of different crops. The seasons in ‘Prairie Town’ progress quite rapidly, accelerating the growth and life cycle of plants and ensuring that you will be kept busy all year round!

You can also explore the open world where you will discover unique stories and adventures. The game allows complete freedom of movement, creating endless possibilities for creating and running your farm and the lifestyle you choose to live.

Watering vegetable beds to help the plants grow to their full potential. Image by 'Song of the Prairie.'

The game features an interactive environment that adds to realism and immersion. Besides planting and growing crops you can also raise livestock, such as sheep, goats, and chickens. Additionally, you can harvest crops you’ve planted to cook them. You can fish, and you can milk cows!

Over time you can upgrade and expand your house and farm buildings to give you more space and increase your farm’s productivity.

The game allows extensive character customization, and there are 25 NPCs with unique background stories for you to discover.

‘Song of the Prairie’ is developed by ‘The Droplet Studio.’ No official release date has been announced yet, but the game is scheduled to be released on Steam during the first quarter of 2023.

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