'Steelrising' RPG Brings The Nightmare of the French Revolution To Life With a Brutal Mechanical Twist

'Steelrising' RPG Brings The Nightmare of the French Revolution To Life With a Brutal Mechanical Twist
Fight an army of angry automatons serving a power hungry king... What could go wrong?

‘Steelrising’ is an action RPG that is set during the time of the French Revolution. However, it has a unique mechanical twist…

Fighting some of the King's automatons in a dark street. Image by ‘Steelrising.’ 

King Louis XVI rules over the land with an iron fist enforced by his legions of violent automatons. An engineer called Vaucanson builds a “mechanical masterpiece” of an automaton called ‘Aegis.’ 

Aegis is specifically designed to be the Queen’s personal bodyguard. However, Aegis rises up against the King and his army to save his nation and its history from utter destruction.

In ‘Steelrising,’ you will play as Aegis. You must fight back against the King’s automaton armies and save the innocent people of France from his violent and cruel rule. Your fighting skills must be up to par if you wish to defeat the King’s automatons. You must parry, dodge, jump, and attack them with devastating force!

As you play you can develop your own fighting style. You can also customize and upgrade your skills and abilities to become the ultimate fighter. There are different paths to take, including being a “ruthless warrior,” a “hard-hitting bodyguard,” or even a “virtuoso of the elemental arts.”

Standing on a burning battlefield and waving a flag in victory. Image by ‘Steelrising.’ 

Whichever path you take, you will need to hone your skills and become the best there is at what you do, otherwise, you will not survive the fight against the King’s automaton armies!

The city is vast, and you can explore it in a carriage, through hidden tunnels, and even by using grapples to traverse the rooftops. There is a detailed map which you can use to navigate the city and find everything you need to find!

In the game’s alternate history, you will run into famed characters such as ‘Marie-Antoinette,’ and ‘Robespierre.’ No matter who stands in your way, you must not stop, because if the French Revolution fails your country is doomed to suffer under the hand of the tyrant king for centuries.

‘Steelrising,’ is developed by ‘Spiders,’ and is coming to Steam in September 2022.

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