'Sweet Transit' City-Builder Makes the Railroad King and Its Owners Masters of Civilization!

'Sweet Transit' City-Builder Makes the Railroad King and Its Owners Masters of Civilization!
Never underestimate the power of an interconnected society!

‘Sweet Transit’ is a city-building game that focuses on railway systems as the center of the economy and the sole form of transport in the game.

A large factory near a lake that can be used as a water source. Image by 'Sweet Transit.'

You start with a single warehouse back in the days when steam power had only just been invented. You will advance through the ages, experiencing the invention of new technologies such as combustion engines and advanced manufacturing processes.

Your goal is to develop civilization, turning small towns into major metropolises, farms into massive food factories, and building an interconnected society on the backbone that is the railroad.

As your cities, farms, and villages grow and expand, you must connect them as efficiently as possible to allow easy transportation of workers, resources, and finished products. Over time, your civilization needs to become more and more automated to keep production up and to make sure that your people have everything they need.

Build bigger factories and a larger rail network to advance your civilization. Image by 'Sweet Transit.'

Keeping your population healthy and happy is of paramount importance because sick and unhappy people are unproductive and will be highly detrimental to your production lines. To keep them happy and healthy, you must ensure that they have proper housing, enough healthy food, clean water, and enough time for rest and relaxation.

Over time your civilization will become more and more evolved and you will be able to create a greater variety of advanced tools, technologies, and equipment to drive the development of your civilization even further and harder.

‘Sweet Transit’ is developed by ‘Ernestas Norvaisas,’ and is available for download on Steam.

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