'Tactics Ogre: Reborn' Brings the Original 2010 RPG Game Back To Life

'Tactics Ogre: Reborn' Brings the Original 2010 RPG Game Back To Life
The Valerian Isles need a rescuer yet again... Their options must be very limited if you're here!

‘Tactics Ogre: Reborn’ is a tactical RPG that is based on the original 2010 ‘Tactics Ogre,’ game. 

‘Tactics Ogre: Reborn’ features upgraded graphics, and improved gameplay, and presents players with a much better experience than the original 2010 game.

Meteor strikes can cause devastating damage. Image by 'Tactics Ogre: Reborn.' 

‘Tactics Ogre: Reborn’ is set in ‘The Valerian Isles,’ in the ‘Obero Sea,’ and they form the center of maritime commerce; making them a highly prized possession. As such, it is a constant battle for control over the ‘Valerian Isles’ in a bid to profit from the rich trade through them.

King Dorgalua Oberyth took control of the isles and kept the peace for half a century. However, when he died, chaos erupted as greedy factions fought for control of the isle. The three factions are:

Bakram, which consists of the isles’ nobility
Galgastani, which is most of the general population
Walister, which consists of only a few individuals

After some fighting, Bakram and Galgastani each possessed roughly half of the isles, but the peace was hanging on by a thread…

Carefully selecting which enemies to target is a key strategic element if you want to secure a victory. Image by 'Tactics Ogre: Reborn.' 

You play as a young man called ‘Denam,’ and every choice that you make will have a lasting impact on Valeria and its people. You will need to try and keep the peace, but when the fighting starts, you’ll also need to make sound tactical decisions, and manage resources, character classes, skills, equipment, and even magic!

The game features extensive, in-depth RPG mechanics. It boasts fully voiced English and Japanese tracks for all the cutscenes. Additionally, it features a unique ‘World Tarot’ system that allows you to travel back in time and redo missions, or even rewind several moves during battle!

The game features a complex and engaging storyline with multiple possible endings and an incredible number of different build possibilities. 

‘Tactics Ogre: Reborn,’ is developed by ‘Square Enix,’ and is releasing on Steam in November 2022.

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