Take On the Evil Witch 'Lenore' in 'Black Witchcraft' 2D RPG Adventure

Take On the Evil Witch 'Lenore' in 'Black Witchcraft' 2D RPG Adventure
Nothing like a little bit of witchcraft to stir the pot and cause chaos...

‘Black Witchcraft’ is a 2D RPG adventure game set in a dark fantasy world.

In ‘Black Witchcraft,’ you play ‘Ligeia,’ a Legendary Witch. The evil witch, ‘Lenore,’ is being revived by an unscrupulous man named ‘Rodrick.’ 

Fight epic battles using deadly power and weapon combinations. Image by 'Black Witchcraft.'

Madeline and Raven are Rodrick’s younger sisters. They used Black Witchcraft in their previous lives to try and prevent their brother from carrying out his wicked plans. Madeleine has devoted her life to the body of her previous self, Ligeia.’

The game features a deep story with multiple possible endings. As you investigate the happenings in the ‘House of Usher,’ you need to solve a large number of riddles and puzzles that will lead you to the truth and help you to stop Lenore’s resurrection.

‘Black Witchcraft’ is developed around a “dark and Gothic” worldview, with a “bizarre yet mysterious stage composition.” 

Create powerful combinations and weapons using witchcraft and resources. Image by 'Black Witchcraft.'

On the inside, the ‘House of Usher’ mansion is divided into countless repetitions of the same space. You need to work out which direction you need to go with a certain special item that you will discover, connect it to space, and find a passage to the truth.

You will run into demon-possessed people, demons that hide clues, and even “doppelganger” demons that can steal other characters’ images to deceive you. The game allows you to customize your character, and it also allows you to build your own combination of skills and abilities to match your playstyle.

‘Black Witchcraft’ is developed by ‘QuattroGear,’ and releases on Steam in September 2022.

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