Take Up The Fight Against Evil As A Superhero In 'Lewd Knight'

Take Up The Fight Against Evil As A Superhero In 'Lewd Knight'
Distraction can be very useful when you're trying to catch the crooks of the world!

‘Lewd Knight’ is a superhero sandbox adventure game set in a crime-ridden modern city.

The Lewd Knight looking particularly vulnerable in the face of evil. Image by 'Lewd Knight.'

You take on the role of a young girl who lives in a city where crime is running rampant, so she has decided to take matters into her own hands and do something about it! 

Your crimefighting started out with chasing creeps out of the park and is now ramping up to fighting dangerous crooks out in the city.

Unfortunately, your dad didn’t leave you a massive fortune to fund your crimefighting endeavors like Batman. You need to work a regular job as a secretary to bring in the funds that you need to support your superhero side gig…

Springing into action to halt an armed robbery in progress. Image by 'Lewd Knight.'

During the day, you need to wield pens, push papers, and run around after the needs of your boss. It is important that you build a good relationship with your colleagues so that you can get promoted, make more money, and ultimately be able to do more in your fight against crime.

Fighting criminals is no easy task. Some fights will be against bigger, stronger people armed with dangerous weapons. Your only chance will be to use your wits, stay alert, and take down your enemies with the power of strategy!

The game includes tycoon and RPG elements. Combat utilizes a card-based system with epic combat moves and moves from the martial arts.

‘Lewd Knight,’ is developed by ‘Feodosiy.’ The game will be released on Steam in 2022.

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