'Thymesia' Is An Action RPG Plagued By The Cold Blade of the Grim Reaper's Scythe...

'Thymesia' Is An Action RPG Plagued By The Cold Blade of the Grim Reaper's Scythe...
The destructive power of humanity's greed strikes yet again!

‘Thymesia’ is an action RPG that is set in a world where the power of alchemy gone rogue spreads death over the land like butter over bread…

Navigating a cave system filled with strange infestation created by alchemy. Image by 'Thymesia.'

The story is set in the ‘Kingdom of Hermes.’ The people of ‘Hermes’ turned to the power of alchemy to cure their ailments, heal diseases, solve financial problems, and literally anything else you could think of. Abusing the power of alchemy in this way caused calamity to strike.

The power that healed so many illnesses suddenly became a disease itself, turning people into infected monsters and destroying the kingdom they used to call their home! You play as ‘Corvus.’ 

Your mission is to travel through the ‘Kingdom of Hermes,’ fighting the monsters created by the power of alchemy, and regaining lost memories that will unlock the key to saving ‘Hermes!’

Killing plagued enemies and plague bosses will allow you to take and use their weapons. Plague weapons cause massive damage and can be used to decimate enemy forces.

Stealthily exploring a dark cave lit with an eerie red glow. Image by 'Thymesia.'

You are also able to shapeshift into the form of a raven, which can be incredibly useful for gathering information and sneaking up on enemies undetected!

As you progress, you can modify and upgrade your gear and weapons to become more powerful and deadlier with every mission you complete.

The truth lies hidden in the past, and you must find it or abandon all hope of salvation for the ‘Kingdom of Hermes.’

‘Thymesia,’ is developed by ‘OverBorder Studio.’ The game is coming to Steam in August of 2022.

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