Top 10 Games Like Starcraft. If You Like Starcraft, You'll Love These!

best Games Like Starcraft
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Let's Countdown The Top 10 Games Like Starcraft

Starcraft changed the landscape of RTS back in 1998 and Starcraft 2 was a much needed update in 2010. It’s been a few years since Legacy of the Void dropped and there may be some players out there looking for the next game to scratch that RTS or strategy game itch. Here are my picks of games that some of you might have missed and new releases that I think will more than satisfy the lover of a good sci-fi strategy game.

10. Planetary Annihilation: Titans

Planetary Annihilation: Titans Gameplay

Planetary Annihilation promised a lot and had a rather large stumbling block when it was released in 2014. Even after numerous patches and updates, Uber Entertainment could not fix the bad taste that the game left in everyone’s mouth. Roughly a year later, Titans was released and was a virtual standalone sequel to the previous game and seemingly fixed and improved upon all the systems and gameplay of the first.

Want to start a war across a planet? This game lets you do that. Want to perform an orbital strike from the moon? This game can do that. Want to control multiple armies on multiple planets all in the same solar system? This game has you covered. The ultimate multi warfront game, Titans brings with it, large scale robots that enhance your effort and can even destroy entire worlds on its own. A traditional RTS at its core, this game brings a massive scale that should appeal to even the most casual players.

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