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44- Bailey Rahn

Cosplay by Bailey Rahn

Sitting at number 44 is the multi-talented Bailey Rahn. This writer,editor, and photographer takes a swing at cosplay from time to time. Posing as a Forsworn from the land of Skyrim, she dominates with convincing blood, bruises, makeup, and equipment. This girl really knows what she is doing. In battle she relies on her daggers as well as the sharp antlers on her head.

43- Lisanna

Cosplay by Lisanna

It was interesting to me that Lisanna chose not to focus on the background. Instead, the costume and modelling skills is what gets the credit. With a sense of anticipation and equips that have the look of 3D rendered objects, Lisanna has pulled off a convincing Dragonborn. The thing that I think is most impressive is how you can see the spots in the armor that has the impression of being formed by the blows of a hammer. That's just really cool and is the reason why Lisanna is sitting at number 43 in this countdown.

42- ArtyFakes

Cosplay by ArtyFakes

This design of a Dovahkinn, cosplayed above, was originally a costume designed for a fan film ArtyFakes was shooting at the time this photo taken. The female cosplayer ArtyFakes aka Tabitha Lyons, is playing the role of a Dovahkiin warrior quite precisely. It's almost as if she was born in the game and miraculously, made it into the living realm!

41-Pamela Colnaghi

Cosplay by Pamela Colnaghi

Here is a HIgh Elf with a plan! Pamela portrays the elegance and strength of a high elf's stature quite beautifully in this cosplay! It indicates the strong will and fighting spirit within the heart of her creativity.

40- BangBangNeko

Cosplay by BangBangNeko

Here is another forsworn from the realm of Skyrim. She lurks and stalks her enemies before she attacks which gives her great stealth. The more stealth you have, the better chance of side-swiping your prey before they even knew what hit them!

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