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14- Michelle Ilona

Cosplay by Michelle Ilona

Here is a warrior who has just emerged victorious from battle. You can tell her struggle was vast, and yet she still thrives to fight again. What strength she has.

13- Lorethia Cosplay (Vampire)

Cosplay by Lorethia Cosplay

Vampirism in ESO is a very rare thing. It costs a lot of coin to purchase a bite from a player, or you have to spend a lot of crown (real money) to get infected with the curse. All in all, it’s still very awesome.

12- SixailestheMascarade

Cosplay by SixailestheMascarade

Another Daedric warrior strikes out in an immaculate way. It's so game like, that it's unreal. I wouldn't want to cross paths with this warrior beauty... No Way!

11- AdharaNeil

Cosplay by AdharaNeil

A nightingale is a very stealthy thief in ESO, Adhara clearly demonstrates this aspect of the character very well, and has uniquely crafted the perfect Nightingale image from the game! It goes to show you what a fantastic artist she is! 

10- Isugi

Cosplay by Isugi

A new character from the lastest update, the House Dres Warrior, has been amazingly brought to life in a very complex and diverse way. Creativity and all around talent, gives this cosplay the top 10 spot on our countdown. There is no lacking in artistic abilities whatsoever among this mind blowing cosplay. 

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