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9- Emily Rosa (Warrior)

Cosplay by Emily Rosa

A warrior, portrayed by the famous Emily Rosa, is a remarkable demonstration of a warrior on the battlefield. You can see that her strength comes from her courage as well as her bravery from her heart. A fantastic resemblance of the perfect warrior.

8- Valara Atran

Cosplay by Valara Atran

Here is a new character that has just arrived along with the new update "Morrowind", a God called Voryn Dagroth a.k.a Dagroth UR. This chimnerch Lord conquered the Nords in the Battle of Red Mountain, and proceeded on forward creating the alliance known as the First Council along with Indoril Nerevar and Dumac, the King of Morrowind. One word of advice---Never challenge a God unless your power is for certaincertian to out wit his!

7- Yaya Han

Cosplay by Yaya Han

Here is our last dark elf. Beauty and power radiate from this cosplay portraying the magnificent qualities of what an dark elf should be! What a sight to behold.

6- Isugi

Cosplay by Isugi

Our final High  elf on the list, shows the empowerment, yet sensitive side of a great duel wielder. Isugi demonstrated the elegance of an High Elf with flawless ease. She truely has an artistic gift!

5- Giulietta Zawadzki (Daedric)

Cosplay by Giulietta Zawadzki

A daedric warrior who just sprung from a bloody battle, emerges victoriously ravishing! Strength and bloodlust thrives this daedric beauty back to the battlefield. What a remarkable sight.

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