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4- Julia Kasu

Cosplay by Julia Kasu

A necromancer hits our list with a perfect display of her love for the dead. These beings are very powerful and originated from the land of Cold harbor when the evil Necromancer Mannimarco betrayed the other four. This cosplay portrays beauty in all its deadly aspects.

3- Elise Laurenne

Cosplay by Elise Laurenne

Another high elf enjoying the treetops of Tamriel. Beauty from all aspects are portrayed here. Very, very spicy elf!

2- Emily Rosa (Faun)

Cosplay by Emily Rosa

Emily has outdone herself once again with another phenomenal replica of a faun from Skyrim/Elder scrolls. You can't find a better looking faun in all ESO. Such artistic creativity is worthy of the number 2 spot on our countdown.

1- Kato Lambert

Cosplay by Kato Lambert

A remarkable display of a wood elf! At one with nature, she lies dormant in the treetops making no sound as she awaits her enemies to cross her path. What an amazing cosplay.

This concludes our top 50 female cosplays of The Elder Scrolls. The magnificence of each one of these cosplays is shown in every aspect of the picture as well as the creativity of each individual's artistic talents. I can guarantee more fabulous cosplays will develop through these cosplayers as well as many other inspiring artists alike.

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