'Uboat VR' Brings WW2 Submarine Warfare To Life In Terrifying Detail

'Uboat VR' Brings WW2 Submarine Warfare To Life In Terrifying Detail
Take to the seas and terrify your enemies from beneath the deep blue depths of the ocean!

‘Uboat VR’ is a VR Uboat simulator set in the deadly blue depths of the ocean during World War 2.

Loading up supply crates in preparation for a mission. Image by 'Uboat VR.'

In ‘Uboat VR,’ you take command of a Uboat. You take your orders from the ‘Kriegsmarine,’ and you need to carry out your orders exactly as they are given to you. It is your responsibility to complete your missions, while carefully managing your submarine and crew to ensure your survival and ultimate victory.

You need to pay close attention to multiple elements while you are at sea. You need to ensure that food and other supplies are carefully managed so that they will last for the duration of your voyage, and that there are enough supplies stored for unforeseen emergencies.

It is essential that you run a tight ship, ensuring that your crew stays disciplined and that the morale stays up and that the crew remains physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. An unhealthy, unhappy crew will struggle to perform under the pressure of battle and can result in a loss that will almost certainly mean death.

As the captain, you must command your sub in battle and make critical decisions in the heat of the moment. Your decisions will mean victory or defeat; life or death. In the event that you take damage, you will need to make critical decisions. 

Moving stuff around inside the sub. Image by 'Uboat VR.'

You could try and save your sub if the damage is minor. Alternatively, you can take whichever action you believe to be right. Do you go down with the sub? Do you save some of the crew and leave the doomed behind? Decisions, decisions!

Successfully completing your missions will help to build your reputation as a Uboat captain. Better reputation means a greater budget and higher priority upgrades that will allow you to outfit your sub and your crew to perform better than ever.

According to the developers, the game has been developed to simulate a wide range of factors as realistically as possible. However, it is possible to play the game in easier modes while you are still trying to learn all the different elements of the game!

‘Uboat VR,’ is developed by ‘GameFormatic S.A.,’ and ‘DeepWaterStudio.’ The developers haven’t announced an official release date yet.

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