'Way of the Hunter' Hunting Simulation Game Brings The Wilderness To Life On Your Desk!

'Way of the Hunter' Hunting Simulation Game Brings The Wilderness To Life On Your Desk!
Taking the way of the hunter can be highly rewarding!

‘Way of the Hunter’ is a hunting simulation game set in a vast open world that is filled with beautiful natural environments and an incredible collection of different animals.

A herd of elk in the woods. Image by 'Way of the Hunter.'

Your adventure begins with the acquirement of your own hunting lodge located far away from the rush of modern life. The natural environment is absolutely stunning and rich with animal life. You can choose to hunt in epic locations across Europe and the United States. The game features two massive hunting territories of 55 square miles each.

You can play through a “compelling story” and learn all about ethical hunting and proper firearm use as you progress through it. Alternatively, you can also choose to head straight into the open world to explore and hunt freely on your own. 

If you’re not in the mood to hunt alone, you can play the game co-op with your friends for a more social experience! 

A moose grazing peacefully in the woods. Image by 'Way of the Hunter.'

The game features realistic physics-based gameplay and firearm mechanics. You can learn to operate all sorts of different firearms, shoot in different weather conditions, process killed animals, and track them through the woods if you have wounded them.

The game has a complex trophy system that takes into consideration factors like age, weather, health, and fitness. All these factors will have an impact on the quality and condition of the trophy you get from each animal.

‘Way of the Hunter’ seeks to create an experience that is as realistic as possible to improve immersion and the overall quality of the game.

‘Way of the Hunter’ is developed by ‘Nine Rocks Games,’ and is coming to Steam on the 16th of August 2022.


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