The 5 Star Wars Battlefront Trailers you NEED to Watch

Star Wars: Battlefront is a much bigger game than it used to be. The number of DLC's offered can be daunting. Here we outline some of the most important trailers for interested gamers to watch.
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1. Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

Enter the world of Star Wars: Battlefront once again! Fight for either The Empire or The Rebellion in epic battles for control over the universe on 12 different maps across 4 worlds. Take to the skies or focus on infantry combat. With tons of weapons and ability loadouts to choose from, you’ll have hours of fun on the battlefront. Watch this trailer and decide if you’d like to enter the fray.


2. Star Wars Battle of Jakku Trailer

The first, and only free, DLC to come to Battlefront. The Battle of Jakku makes for a more complete Episode VII experience with an all new map to give you several more hours of enjoyment on the battlefront.


3. Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim Trailer

Enter 2 of Star Wars’ most famous and intense venues in the Outer Rim DLC. Tough out the heat on Sullust or mount an assault on Jabba’s palace. This DLC features 2 new heroes. Get headshots with Nien Nunb or shoot first with Greedo. Fight well, soldier, and become a force on the battlefront, using the 5 new weapons and star cards, in the newest game mode, extraction.


4. Star Wars Battlefront Bespin Launch Trailer

New, new, new! That’s the motto of the Bespin DLC. Take control of 2 new heroes in 4 new maps. Fight for control of the legendary cloud city of Bespin as either Lando Calrissian or as headhunter Dengar. With a new game mode and several new weapons and star cards, Bespin is Battlefront’s biggest DLC to date.


5. Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Gameplay Trailer

Take the next step in the battle for galactic control. In DICE’s newest DLC, you can attack or defend both the interior and exterior of the iconic Death Star! Just be careful not to float off into space as you guide your X-wing to victory.

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