Unreal Tournament III

Unreal Tournament III
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Unreal Tournament III (2007)

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The year is 2307, and the Necris have invaded. Releasing an enslaved alien species on the humans, they start to make swift progress. As the Ronin warrior Reaper finds himself caught in a rocket attack, he is rescued by his allies Othello and Jester. Teaming up with Malcolm - leader of the Iron Guard, Reaper must now prove himself to take on the Necris.

Flagship game of the Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Tournament III takes players to a whole new tournament, where the stakes have been raised till the galaxy itself lies in the balance. Facing new enemies, new arenas and new vehicles, players must use both speed and predatory viciousness to secure victory.

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Jfristech's picture

Jfristech 8 years 3 months ago

Unreal is accurate for a title, as this game was precisely that when it came out. Mechanics of this game would influence future FPS games like Borderlands and XCOM, and we can see why. Multi-player action the likes of which will have all players yelling and rejoicing in battles to the death! Tear through the arsenal of weapons, dodge the onslaught of bullets from opponents, and see just why Unreal Tournament III was the talk of the gaming world in 2007!