10 Ways Activision Can Improve Black Ops 3

This spider-looking robot isn’t the only thing Activision can improve upon

How Many Of These Would You Change?

Call of Duty is an extraordinary franchise, a real fan favourite. But are they taking steps forwards or backwards? There has been controversy amongst Call of Duty fans after the last number of releases, claiming that the game has lost its way. Black Ops 3 saw them return to their roots somewhat. We know they can still improve. These are the top 10 downfalls in Black Ops 3, and how Activision can resolve them in the next release.

1. Small Maps

Nuketown. The only small map players are happy to see.

A lot of the maps feel really small. You can get from one side of the map to the other in no time. I am not sure if it because of the actual map size, or perhaps the movement system brings about this feeling. Wall running, double jumping. The nature of the game creates a pretty cramped feeling.

How to fix this?

Creating bigger maps. More open space, rather than building on top of each other. This will allow more room to set up camp, and destroy enemies. Or, maybe alter the movement system? Activision could revert to the old flow of the game, take away the double jumping, the wall running. Classic CoD.

2. Server Connection Issues

The oh-so dreaded error code.

Between error codes, disconnecting, in, unable to get online and losing campaign progress, I have experienced more than enough server related issues. Nothing is more frustrating than disconnecting mid game, or losing all progress half way through a mission. It needs to be sorted.

How to fix this?

I am no server connection guru, but what I can understand is that there need to be an improvement. Activision may need to hire better employees to establish better connection, or invest more money into their server system. Either way, it’s a big area for improvement.

3. Tedious Campaign Missions

“Yawn. Boring computers again… can we do something fun?”

The campaign isn’t like it used to be. The storyline just isn’t there, and in actual fact the missions themselves are extremely repetitive. A long drawn out build up, followed by a poor climax. And then repeat.

How to fix this?

Activision need to put more effort into developing a good storyline. There was a countless number of features added into the game in multiplayer, as well as additions to co-op campaign and saving progress online. The focus was strayed, quality campaign experience should come first in my mind.

4. Late Gun Unlocks

I can’t wait to level 52. I want it now!

I understand the multiplayer ranking system, the higher a level you are the more rewards you get. However, for someone who enjoys entering into the next prestige when they reach level 55, I feel at a disadvantage for the majority of levels. For example the sheiva, the semi-automatic beast. Unlocking this gun at level 52 seems unfair and limits the amount of users who can play with this weapon.

How to fix this?

Make the best guns in the game available at a lower rank. It’s simple. The game will be more entertaining to play if you can utilise the best guns in the game for the majority of the prestige. I am not suggesting that every gun should be available from level 1. But perhaps level 20, or 25. Something closer to the lower range.

5. Matchmaking Uneven Teams

12 in the lobby? Make it a 6v6. Simple!

Whether its uneven numbers, or an uneven skill balance, the matchmaking system can prove very poor on occasion. I have been in ground war lobbies where it was 5 against 7, or 6 against 9. Imagine how dominant one team would be, because of a simple numbers advantage. Another case is the skill balance, this makes for unfair gameplay and unenjoyable. Especially when there are a team of first prestiges against a team full of master prestiges.

How to fix this?

Improve the matchmaking system. Activision needs to develop the system in play that matches similar ranked players against eachother. Surely they can implement a system that involves even numbers or maybe a 5v6. As well as mixing players of all skill ability amongst each other, to produce fair teams.

6. Specialist Characters

Re-jack, please re-move yourself.

The specialist characters never excited me. Having played against countless enemies using them, I dislike them even more. Some of them are really bizarre and overpowered. For example, Rejack can bring a player back to life once they have been killed. I am definitely not a fan of this and it is just annoying to play against, it ruins the flow of the game. If he’s dead, he’s dead.

How to fix this?

Simple, take them out. It really is that easy. Activision don’t have to try and remaster these specialist characters or develop them in anyway. Just remove them from the game completely.

7. Bad Spawn

“How did she get behind me?”

I believed the days of bad spawns were gone. Times when you were killed in open battle, to then immediately spawn in front of the opponent. And be killed again. However I was wrong, from spawning in the enemies’ base to spawning at the enemy flag in domination, there is a clear problem. There can be times when you spawn behind enemies and pick up easy kills and you think this is a “good spawn”. But it really isn’t, it’s a flaw in the system.

How to fix this?

Improve the spawning system. Activision need to review the current setup in play and develop it so you spawn closer to your team mates. And make spawning beside an enemy unheard of. Becoming a free kill for your opponent is definitely not enjoyable. Neither is being killed from behind, because your opponent had a lucky spawn and ruined your kill streak.

8. Shock Charges

So small. Yet so evil.

Black Ops 3 saw shock charges making an unwelcome return. I have to admit they are not as powerful as they used to be. But they are still a nuisance to play against. Getting paralysed by a shock charge almost always ensures certain death. The only tactical equipment I disagree with and with good reason. It still feels to over powered and unrealistic to be included in the game.

How to fix this?

Replace it with a different tactical. I understand what the developers are trying to create with the shock charge, completely paralysing a player for a number of seconds. In my opinion, they need a new way to deliver it. Perhaps a tactical that when thrown, sticks to a nearby enemy and shows up on the mini-map as a red dot.

9. Time to kill


On occasion it seems like I am dead before I see the shooter. The time to kill in this game varies so much. What I mean is, it seems to take me forever to kill someone else, yet I die almost instantly! Or maybe that’s just my poor gun skill… but seriously.

How to fix this?

Decrease the time to kill. By increasing the health each player receives. Or perhaps, decreasing the damage of the guns. Activision could do one of the two, or both. This needs to be developed and tested to pinpoint the best ratio of health, to gun strength.

10. In Game Lag

Sigh – “Not again.”

Few things are more frustrating than in-game lag. When you are dominating your opponent and the game starts to lag, you could almost throw the controller at the screen. Seriously. Skipping and glitching across the map, with your bullets unable to register, is one way to send you in a rage.

How to fix this?

Activision need a better system that can handle the bandwidth. The person in the lobby with the best connection should be awarded with host, it makes sense. Whether Black Ops 3 hosting was based on ping alone it is unknown. All connection requirements should be required such as upload and download strength.

These are the top 10 things I believe Activision can improve upon from Black Ops 3. Some of my pet hates are contained in here and I’m sure you would agree. What annoyed you the most in Black Ops 3, and how do you thing Activision could improve upon this?

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