[Top 10] Best Call of Duty Campaigns (Ranked)

Best Call of Duty Campaigns
Call of Duty, one of the most-played FPS games.

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012)

Black Ops II is a compelling game because the timeline jumps between two connected storylines, following the perspectives of a father and his son. In the 1980s timeline, you play as protagonist Alex Mason. In the 2025 timeline, you play as Alex Mason's son, David Mason. Black Ops II highlights the possible consequences of a country being too reliant on outsourcing. While it is a thrilling narrative to engage in, it is equally as thrilling to find out that David Mason's second-in-command, Mike Harper, is voiced by Michael Rooker (a.k.a. Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead).


9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

Developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, it is no surprise that the MW3 campaign is perfectly dovetailed with cinematic moments and out-of-control warfare. While the ending was more mild than previous Call of Duty campaigns, MW3 still made its impact. At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, MW3 secured the "Best Shooter" award, cementing Call Of Duty as a heavyweight in a world of video-game giants. 

8. Call of Duty 2 (2005)

This campaign-beast hosts a total of 27 missions to get lost in. Filled with assignments that will take you through basic training, paratrooper drills, and rescuing POWs - it is a memorable campaign for Call of Duty fans. The franchise’s juggernaut development started to take shape right here - and we all noticed.


7. Call of Duty 1 (2003) 

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020) 

With 5.5 hours of play time, this campaign is shorter than usual.Developers made up for this by putting you in incredibly detailed environments throughout the entire campaign. While you do not need any prior knowledge to play the campaign, fans were excited to welcome back familiar faces - Alex Mason, Jason Hudson, and Frank Woods. Not to mention, the addition of decision-making made the missions more fun to re-play. I am positive that I spent a little bit of extra time exploring the different outcomes. But I know I am not the only one.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) 

Alot of fans, myself included, were eager to desert Vanguard. We were impatient as we waited to return to a present-day storyline and environment. Activision delivered, as MW2 was the most anticipated and best-selling game of 2022. With new updates - like being able to visually inspect your magazine for ammo, and having the ability to further tune your weapon attachments for more customized game-play - the attention to detail is top-notch in MW2. Also, Ghost is back. Enough said.


4. Call of Duty: Black Ops (2011)

Heavily relying on the storyline, the single-player mode starts off in an interrogation room, which is an atmosphere that players continue to relate to throughout the Black Ops campaign. With the enigmatic theme, it is thrilling to seek answers to the same questions that the characters have. Not to mention, Activision sprinkled fun, hidden gems through-out. For instance, a supporting character by the name of Agent Hudson is given the nickname "Ice Cube" because of his unwelcoming presence. It just so happens that rap artist/actor Ice Cube voices another character in Black Ops, Joseph Bowman. Storyline and details combined, this is why the Black Ops campaign stands out.


3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016)

Honestly, Infinite Warfare was not highly anticipated by Call of Duty’s massive fan base. That being said, it is generally agreed that they got this campaign right, especially for Sci-Fi enthusiasts. Forget "boots-on-the-ground" combat, Infinite Warfare is fondly remembered for having jetpacks and zero-gravity missions with visually remarkable backdrops and warfare of epic proportions. While the game-play was Call of Duty at it's core, the new environment and futuristic-spin on military tactics made it fun and fresh. Infinite Warfare is the hidden gem amongst the Call of Duty campaigns. 

2. Call of Duty: World at War (2008)

World at War revolves around events that occurred during WWII and features some historically accurate details in the uniforms, artillery, and missions. It was one of the first campaign games to take risks, to create a campaign that immerses players in the exhausting and violent horrors of war. With game-play that is both challenging and satisfying, World at War is a favorite amongst Call of Duty fans.


1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

Finally, coming in at number one is the fourth installment in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare. This was an exciting release for Call of Duty and their fans, as it is the first campaign in the series to separate from the WW2 backdrop and replace it with a more modern one. The game went double-platinum at its release, and, with the film-like plot, Modern Warfare remains one of the most iconic FPS campaigns amongst gamers today.

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