The 50 Prettiest Cosplayers From Blizzard Games: Page 8 of 10

best blizzard cosplayers
Blood Elf Paladin by Andy Rae.

15. Soni Aralynn (as Sombra - Overwatch)

Soni doing an incredible job as Sombra from Overwatch.

14. Zalaria (as Sylvanas Windrunner - World of Warcraft)

Ranger General Sylvanas before her corruption by Arthas, courtesy of Zalaria.

13. Zhang Wei (as a Mage - World of Warcraft)

Zhang Wei as a WoW Mage.

12. Miyoaldy (as Inquisitor Whitemane - World of Warcraft)

Here's a pretty cosplay of Inquisitor Whitemane by Miyoaldy.

11. Tine (as Alexstrasza - World of Warcraft)

Alexstrasza by Tine.

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tuffhufflepuff's picture

tuffhufflepuff 4 years 4 months ago

I know this is an old article but I love it! Yaya is my favorite cosplayer. Such talent!

Coolmender's picture

Coolmender 5 years 2 weeks ago

I can't believe you missed Kay Pike!!! She is body painter and did a WONDERFUL rendition of sylvanis

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