Foxhole Faction Differences: Which Should You Choose?

Foxhole Faction Differences Which Should You Choose
Callahan; The God Emperor of The Wardens

Foxhole is a game with two unique factions. Each with their own distinct equipment that affects their game tactics. 

They fight persistent, 24/7 wars where players are locked into their chosen side. So which should you choose?

The Colonials

Colonial legionaires marching into battle alongside the BMS Black Bolt Locomotive

The Colonial Legion are the Khaki clad soldiers of the Colonial Republic. They prefer function over form with the exception of their traditional green capes.

Hailing from the colonies South of Caoiva, their tech and equipment aims for quantity over quality. To get the most stuff to the front as cheaply and as quickly as possible.

An aggressive fighting force, The Legion marches hard and fast to gain footholds and hold ground. Pushing the oppressive imperials back beyond the Bulwark. Sending them to their god emperor.

Defending tenaciously when required, Legionnaires can grind any advance to a halt with combined arms tactics of relentless counter pushes. 

The Colonials have many dedicated player clans and regiments to join. With different languages from all over the world. Some cater to the more hardcore players but many accommodate more casual types.

Those inclined to solo play will always find some action. With plenty of public giveaways of surplus equipment, it's easy to log on and play with the toys of the colonial arsenal. Random players to crew up with are everywhere.

Colonial Review

  • Gameplay - Fast paced and aggressive. Legionaries are expected to hurl themselves relentlessly at the imperial enemy. Beating them back before they can gain a foothold.

  • Equipment - Functional tech that can be replaced when lost. All rounders that are easy to use and get to grips with quickly. Don't expect it to look pretty but it works well.

  • Player Experience - New players will find plenty of welcoming colonials willing to add them to a tank or gun crew. Especially in the late war. You won't need to join a clan.

  • Infantry - The Legion fights hard, probes defenses, and finds gaps to exploit. With shrapnel grenades and an arsenal of all rounder small arms, the legions infantry are formidable opponents.

  • Armor - Colonial armor works best when it outnumbers and isolates. A single tank may not be a match for Warden armor but a well organized line, with good crews can be unstoppable.

  • Artillery - A fun and necessary addition to any moving front. Will require an experienced gun crew and spotter but is always accessible to anyone who wants to load, fire, and learn the ropes.

  • Logistics - With cheaper equipment, expect more of the basic resources to be publicly available for anyone to ship to the front or craft their own stuff.

Choose The Colonials if…

  • You like an aggressive rush style of pushing the enemy team.

  • A casual experience and laid back feeling teamwork.

  • An all rounded experience where equipment is accessible and easy to use. (as long as you have someone to help with the crewed stuff)

  • You like capes.

The Wardens

Entrenched Wardens ready to ambush a Colonial Bardiche tank

The Wardens are the blue clad soldiers of the proud and ancient Warden Empire. They prefer the form and the drip. Decked out in their uniforms laced heavily with traditional aesthetics.

Hailing from their Northern homeland, their equipment is designed with high quality in mind. To have the right tool for the right job.

A formidable fighting force, they can quickly overwhelm defenses with organized combined offensives. Utilizing long range heavy equipment. Pushing the Southern aggressors back to where they came from.

Defensively digging in like ticks, Warden positions can be difficult obstacles to overcome. Wiping out waves of the invaders as they smash against the Bulwark.

The Wardens have highly regimented, organized clans with some more relaxed ones for the casual Warden players. Small unit tactics and cautious advancement get the best use out of the superior, yet expensive equipment. 

Those inclined to solo will find action on the fronts and crews willing to take on random players. However, there will be less publicly available equipment to play with simply due to it being more expensive to produce and use. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any as mass production is used by both sides.

Warden Review

  • Gameplay - Alternate bounds of offensive and defensive actions. Getting the most use out of the equipment to gain and hold ground.

  • Equipment - High quality, longer range, and crafted with expert traditional Warden techniques. You can find your niche and become an expert in no time. 

  • Player Experience - New players will find a welcoming bunch of organized and regimented players. They’ll show you the ropes and encourage you into their big, close knit clans but there is no obligation to join. 

  • Infantry - Warden infantry fixes and pins their opponents to snuff their mobility advantage. In organized combined arms, they are nigh unstoppable when advancing

  • Armor - Striking fear into their enemies, a single well crewed armor piece can make all the difference. In an armored column, they are devastating. 

  • Artillery - As with the Colonials, they will require an experienced crewman to use effectively but always require those willing to load, gun, and get the hang of it.

  • Logistics - With larger, regimented clans requiring the bulk of resources to build and run the vast Warden arsenal, expect less of publicly available resources. However, Callahan blesses all who dump to public.

Choose Wardens if…

  • You like big and small unit tactics. Finding and fixing the enemy and using your equipment sparingly for the right job.

  • A more regimented, organized level of teamwork (however, there is still casual fun to be had)

  • A specific type of game play that you want to try and specialize

  • You love the drip of the traditional uniforms.

How do I choose my side?

After hitting play in the menu screen, you’ll be given the option to pick between either the Wardens or the Colonials. They have a brief description of the factions and will show their soldiers and kit. You will see a warning to tell you that you won’t be able to change teams and asked if you still wish to “commit” to your chosen side.

Can I switch sides?

New players are given one chance on their first war  where they can decide to change sides if they aren't happy with their decision. Once this expires though, you will be locked into that faction for the rest of the war.

You will also get a  six minute grace period that starts when you log in to a war for the first time. Just in case you made a mistake.

Don’t worry about not getting the full experience. There are often one or more extra “Shards” (servers) running simultaneous, separate wars. 

When you change the “Shard” at the top right hand corner of the menu screen, you can click play and you’ll be presented with the option to choose a side. 

Most players who play as their favorite faction on what’s considered as the “main” shard, will often play as the other faction on another shard to get the full experience of the game.

Are people loyal to one faction over another?

Yes. For one reason or another, a lot of players will only play on one side. There are clans that exclusively play on their chosen faction. Known as “loyalists”

There are also plenty of players who are known in the community as “neutral” and will switch sides for different wars at their leisure. It is your game. Play it how you choose.

Do I need to join a clan?

Not at all. Playing with randoms can be a very fun and rewarding experience both for the casual and hardcore players. 

You’ll find plenty of players willing to work with you. Many won’t even broach the subject. It doesn’t matter who you are, just don’t be the other side. 

I joined a loyalist clan. Can I play as the other faction?

Yes. Either on a different shard or on the next war if you want to see what the other side is about.

It is a common courtesy to let your clan know that you’ll be switching sides and don’t be offended if they mute or remove you from their discord entirely while you’re gone. Intelligence leaking is taken very seriously and can ruin the game for everyone involved. 

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