[Top 10] Foxhole Best Weapons (Ranked)

Lets put some boomsticks to the test from Foxholes arsenal of small arms.

Opinions are like hammers. Every Foxhole soldier will spawn in with one. There are many different weapons in Foxhole. Widely ranging and varying for different ways to play. What. Here are the top ten ranked weapons that this writer loves and just what makes them so damn fun to use.

10. The Buckhorn Bayonet

Getting stabby with it on the range. The pointy end goes into the enemy.

A personal favourite that can make you feel like a jedi in the clone wars. The staple of all battles throughout the ages. An instant kill in all but a few circumstances when you close with the enemy and skewer them silly.

The Buckhorn Bayonet

• Fits most rifles

• Instant kill of any enemy (except armoured)

• Can de-crew field guns with a stab to its crew

• Terrorises and confuses when you charge into enemy positions at bayonet point.

Where can I find one?

Very early in the war, both sides will get them so that things can get really nasty.

9. “Molton Wind” v.II Flame Torch/ Willows Bane Model 845

Both factions have their own versions with different stats and applications. 

Fire has been used in anti infantry tactics since it was first discovered as a way of roasting meat. Foxhole is no different as both sides love a good frontline barbeque. If you love the smell of cooked enemies in the morning, you’re in luck with one of these.

“Molton Wind” v.II Flame Torch/ Willows Bane Model 845

“Using a deadly mix of flammable gases and chemical compounds, the “Molten Wind” is the Colonial Legion’s most devastating infantry weapon. Employing ancient techniques, Mesean chemists developed a technique to stabilise and weaponize liquid flames, which quickly transform any flammable structure into a raging inferno.” - Official Description (Colonial)

“Named for the unfortunate trees harmed in the development of this highly destructive weapon, the Willow’s Bane utilises flammable chemicals and fires them into a concentrated stream through an open flame. This liquid flame ignites Colonial emplacements and garrisons to route infantry while reducing their defences to a pile of ash.” -  Official Description (Warden)

• Damages structures as well as enemies

• Spreads fire to all that its flames lick

• You get to play with fire (Take that as your warning but you get the idea)

Where can I find one?

When your faction techs their version of it and they start getting shipped out to fronts then you’re free to get cooking.

8. The Dusk ce.III

A fan favourite of both Colonial, Warden, and Neutral players.

A 40 round drum mag of 7.92mm with some wood and metal slapped to it. Ready to lay waste to any in its path. In an experienced pair of hands, this thing becomes the grinder for the meat it's thrown.

Its heavier frame and penalty to movement is made up for by its accurate fire when in a stable position. You'll have to make short tactical bounds and short sharp busts of fire when you're not in close range.


The Dusk ce.III

“This unique assault rifle includes a high-capacity drum magazine designed for sustained suppressive fire.” - Official Description

• 40 drum mag

• Accurate from a stable position

• Shreds at close to mid range

• Heavier robust frame

Where can I find one?

Colonials will get their hands on these later in the war when they're unlocked. They are a fan favourite so will be quickly stocked at most bunker bases on fronts.

Wardens will need to pick through the invaders corpses that they managed to catch mid reload.

7. The Catara mo.II

A Colonial Solider hunched over the plate magazine of his Catara.

The Colonial answer to Warden entrenchments. This light machine gun sacrifices magazine capacity to give the user a lot more mobility in the field. Stay low and move fast and the enemy won’t know what's hitting them.

The Catara mo.II 

“A titanic light machine gun capable of scattering infantry lines with ease, the Catara is a modern weapon for the modern colonial.” - Official Description

• 30 round mag. 12.7mm

• Quick, efficient, and easy to use.

• A perfect compliment to any assault

• Used tactically with a squad, it can open up entire fronts for pushes.

Where can I find one?

Colonials will tech this mid way through the war and they will very quickly be produced and shipped to front lines.

Wardens will need to kill the Colonial coming at them with this. If they can clip them first.

6. The Pitch Gun mc.V

A good way to get used to how the weapons handle and feel is to have a go with them on the range at your home region.

As a primary weapon, the pitch gun finds itself lacking when it comes to other SMG's. It's a good thing that it isn’t considered a primary weapon then. When equipped this will fit in inventory slot 2 and is considered a sidearm.

The possibilities this opens up are endless. An automatic SMG that is perfect for medics, tankers, anti tank infantry, and anyone else who's primary slot is taken by something important. 

The Pitch Gun mc.V

“This classic submachine gun is sturdy and irreplaceable as a general tool for close-range engagements. The Pitch Gun earned its namesake from Mesean sailors who employed the weapon to successfully defend against a night raid on the Geraston docks.” - Official Description

• Secondary weapon so primary slot is free

• Fully automatic, 9mm shredder at close range

• Light enough to not be affected too much by movement

• Better than any pistol for a self defence weapon

Where can I find one?

If you're a Colonial, they will be teched and supplied to the fronts relatively quickly. Unfortunately, they seem to disappear when their improved version, the Lionclaw is teched. A shame really as this is the ultimate side arm.

Wardens will have to kill some Colonial medics, tankers, and others to pick them up.

5. The Fiddler Submachine Gun Model 868

Lightweight and durable. A fine weapon for close engagements.

One of the lightest guns and game changer in its own right. This Sub is unmatched for closing with the enemy. Shredding through foes with 9mm.ou'll need to get close but once you're on top of them, they won't stand a chance.

Fiddler Submachine Gun Model 868

“The Fiddler Submachine gun is a widely used urban combat weapon. Its high rate of fire and compact frame make it ideal for close-quarters engagements.” - Official Description

• Shreds at close range

• 25 rounds per mag giving you plenty

• Lightweight and stable for quick fire manoeuvres

Where can I find one?

Wardens can get these when they're teched and logi delivers them to the fronts.

Collies will have to pick them up from dead Wardens that couldn't quite get close enough.

4. The Malone Mk. 2 

Extremely heavy and cumbersome, the Malone is best suited to static defences such as trenchlines.

Ever wanted to lay waste to hordes of enemies, leaving their corpses strewn across the barbed wire? Well with this ghastly gun, you can spit lead to your heart's desire.

The Warden Rolls Royces of static defence solutions. Once you’ve lugged Callahan's buzzsaw into position and locked in a 125 round mag of 12.7, you can make the breathable air roughly 60% lead.

Malone Mk.2

“This heavy machine gun is bulky enough to require a steady surface to maintain stability. The Malone series of machine guns are unmatched defenders on the battlefield.” -  Official Description.

• 125 Round magazine

• A stupidly high rate of fire

• Heavy to move around with but once it's set up, you’re good

• So much fun to use

Where can I find one?

If you're a Warden, you'll get your hands on them when they tech during the war and they start showing up on frontline bases.

Colonials, you poor guys will have to hurl yourselves at whichever Warden happens to be entrenched with one of these. Last one alive gets to keep it.

3. The Argenti II

Standard issued for the Colonials, the Argenti is a common stable throughout the wars.

A god tier all rounder and an absolute pleasure to use. This standard issue rifle of the Colonial Legion is favoured by soldiers all over Caoiva. The Legion goes into battle with this rifle from wars start to wars end.

Clip loaded with its internal 12 round magazine. What it lacks in accuracy and range, it certainly makes up for with its fire rate and robustness.

Argenti II

“The primary infantry rifle of the Colonial Legion. Its predecessor, The Volta Repeater, was a sturdy, reliable firearm but had many limitations, namely, fire rate. The Argenti solves this limitation as well as being more compact and lightweight” - Official Description

• 12 round internal mag

• Semi automatic fire

• Unlocked straight away at the start of the war

• Occasionally malfunctions and fires two rounds for one trigger pull

Where can I find one?

If you're a Colonial, lucky you! You'll have them ready to go from the moment the war starts.

If you're a Warden, you'll need to get them from dead Collies but don't worry. There will be plenty of them from day one onwards.

2. The Blakerow 871

A Colonial sporting a stolen Blakerow outside a town base.

A testament to Warden ingenuity and quality control. This 15 round, mag fed carbine rifle is a favourite among infantry. With its distinctive crack, your enemies will know for sure to keep their heads down when you're wielding one.

An accurate, lightweight weapon that's perfect for assaulting some dug in bad guys

Blakerow 871

“The Blakerow is a carbine with a high rate of fire compared to its bolt-action predecessor. This increased fire rate does come at the cost of innate stopping power; however, its versatility and lightweight frame more than make up for any perceived shortcomings.” - Official Description

• Single shot, rapid fire 15 round mag.

• Excellent for fire and manoeuvre tactics

• Fits a bayonet for scalping your foes 

• Accurate and deadly in the right hands

Where can I find one?

If you're a Warden they'll be pretty standard after a few days of the war when they're unlocked.

If you're a Colonial, get killing Wardens to pick them up.

1. Fuscina

A personal favourite and fun to use, the Fuscina is THE small arms for assaulting forces.

A marvel of Colonial engineering. Unique and awesome. This beast of a rifle is the best thing for all things infantry fighting. It's got everything you need for rapid offensive manoeuvres as well as sustained, suppressive fire in defensive positions.

With its three round burst of 7.62 and 18 round mags, you can lay some serious hate towards anyone daft enough to come at you when you're packing this beast.


“This unique rifle fires three rounds in rapid succession. The Fuscina is the first of its kind, designed for laying down suppressive fire during assaults on fortified enemy entrenchments.” - Official Description

• Three round burst for suppressing and trench clearing

• Fits a bayonet to some close and personal action 

• Magazine fed. 18 Rounds per clip of 7.62

• A meaty sound to strike fear into enemies 

Where can I find one?

If you're a Colonial, you can find them in most bunker bases pretty early on in the war. They're unlocked relatively quickly and a staple of any front.

If you're a Warden, you'll find them on dead Colonials and any bases you capture.

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