[Top 10] Foxole Best Tanks (Ranked)

Tanks in Foxhole need to be unlocked, produced, built, and shipped to the frontlines. It makes for some truly unique tanking gameplay

Looking for some Foxhole tanking fun with your crewmates? Well Foxhole’s arsenal of tanks should be right up your street. With all manner of tanks and variants, here are just a few of the best in this humble writer's opinion.

10.  85K-b Falchion

The amount of Falchions that can be churned out is spectacular

The Colonial “Tip of the Spear” assault tank. These bad boys can be mass produced and shipped out to the field quickly and easily. Overwhelming the enemy with this robust and versatile piece of modular armour.

Its powerful 40mm cannon has a 40m range. The 85K tank chassis can be retro-fitted at equipped facilities into two different variants. The Spatha with a high velocity 40mm cannon or the Talos with 75mm cannon.

85K-b Falchion

“Designed for mass-production in Kraunia, this assault tank features a modular turret system for maximum versatility. The “Falchion” class features a powerful if understated, 40mm cannon” - Official description

  • 40mm cannon at 40m range
  • Relatively thick, dependable armour
  • Chassis can be upgraded into two more variants
  • Mass produced (There will be plenty around)

Where can I get one?

Colonials can build them by hand at a garage for 135 RMATS (Refined materials) or mass produced in crates of 5 for 405 RMATS at a mass production factory. Other than that, due to their abundance, you’ll probably find many being given away publicly.

9. H-5 Hatchet

The Hatchet. Seen here as a model at the Colonial home region.

The lightweight, quick manoeuvring little brother of the Falchion. This little tank comes with the same amount of fire power, in a smaller and lighter frame. Perfect for urban environments with infantry support, it's a great compliment to a front.

When coming up against enemy armour, it's much better to move faster and flank from the sides. Its light armour won’t hold up much to a full frontal assault.

H-5 Hatchet

“A highly manoeuvrable lightweight tank. Designed for urban environments, the “Hatchet” is fitted with a 40mm cannon.” - Official Description

  • Same cannon and range as the Falchion
  • Lighter and more manoeuvrable
  • Can be upgraded into three distinct variants at equipped facilities
  • Quick and suited for urban environs and flanking moves.

Where can I get one?

Colonials can build them for 115 RMATS at the garage or get a crate of 3 for 345 RMATS at the mass production factory.

8. Nobel Widow MK. XIV (AKA. The HTD)

The HTD with its beastly looking, low profile frame.

A slow moving Warden fortress on tracks. The Nobel Widow is certainly a widowmaker when she lies in wait. Ambushing her prey with her high velocity 68mm cannon. 

When supported with infantry and other armour, the less manoeuvrable HTD can be a force to reckoned with, melting enemy armour that dares approach her forward facing gun.

Nobel Widow MK. XIV

“This deadly tank turns predator into prey. A tank Destroyer, the Noble Widow specializes in ambush tactics, waiting for its quarry and striking with destructive high-velocity shells.” - Official Description

  • A Heavy Tank Destroyer
  • 40 degree gun traversal on forward gun
  • 68mm High velocity cannon for piercing armour
  • Heavily armoured but more vulnerable than most assault tanks
  • Can be upgraded to its flame throwing variant. (Yes, it can shoot fire)

Where can I get one?

Wardens can build them at the garage for 160 RMATS or get a crate of 3 for 480 RMATS at the Mass Production Factory.

7. HC-2 Scorpion

Like a pillbox on tracks, the Scorpion is the bane of opposing entrenched infantry.

A mobile machine gun bunker, this light infantry tank is everything you need to break trench lines and force defenders back. Fully crewed with both of its 12.7mm guns manned, it can lay hate upon all who stand in its way. 

With its lighter armour, it’s not an ideal machine for armoured assaults but it is a perfect support to infantry pushes.

HC-2 Scorpion

“The “Scorpion” HC-class tank is a moderately armoured infantry support vehicle with twin, high-powered heavy machine guns and short-range radios for improved intelligence support. In addition, exterior seating is available for infantry.” - Official Description

  • Two forward facing machine guns. 12.7mm
  • A mobile machine gun bunker
  • Built in radio for intelligence gathering (It sends map information to your team showing nearby teammates and enemies)
  • Perfect infantry support tank

Where can I get one?

Colonials can knock one of these together at any facility equipped with a Field Station. They’ll need a HC-7 Ballista to be converted and 5 construction materials.

6. H-10 Pelekys (AKA The LTD)

A true tank killer in its own right, the LDT's lightweight frame and open top sacrifice durable armour and security for speed and range.

The Colonial answer to the HTD. This Light Tank Destroyer can make minced meat of enemy armour that comes within range. Positioned correctly as part of an armoured assault, this can devastate armoured lines with its long range 68mm cannon.

Its open top makes its crew vulnerable to small arms fire so infantry support as well as supporting armour is vital when operating the LTD.

H-10 Pelekys

“The “Pelekys” H-class light tank is heavily modified with an open top chassis and equipped with a devastating long-range anti-tank cannon.” - Official Description

  • High 45m range giving it unparalleled advantage. A tank sniper.
  • Vulnerable to small arms fire
  • Forward facing gun with little traversal
  • Light and mobile

Where can I get one?

Colonials can put one of these together at a facility equipped with a Tank Factory. You’ll need to bring a H-5 Hatchet with you to be converted into one along with 8 Processed Construction Materials, 20 Assembly Materials (Class II), and 5 Assembly Materials (Class III).

5. Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

The Outlaw, modelled here, is an answer to Colonial Mass Production technology. A rapid response medium tank with a good engine.

Fine Warden workmanship to answer for large amounts of Colonial armour invading their lands. The Outlaw is a high range medium tank equipped with a 40mm cannon.

It comes with a boost capability that can get it shifting when it needs to. Faster and more mobile than most tanks in its class. A formidable foe on the battlefield.

Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

“Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.” - Official Description

  • 45m range for its cannon.
  • Boost function for quick acceleration (use the Left Shift key to activate it)
  • Medium armour
  • 7.92 Hull mounted machine gun port.

Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

“Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.” - Official Description

  • 45m range for its cannon.
  • Boost function for quick acceleration (use the Left Shift key to activate it)
  • Medium armour
  • 7.92 Hull mounted machine gun port.

Where can I get one?

Wardens can build these at their garages for 165 RMATS or produce them by the crate for 495 RMATS. They’re also capable of being upgraded into different variants.

4. 86K - a Bardiche

The Colonial Bardiche is an assault tank designed to take the fight to Warden armour columns. To stand toe to toe with the imperial steel.

A heavier colonial assault tank capable of taking the fight to Warden armour. Its short range heavy cannon can rip through enemy tanks. And its durable armour can make it nigh unstoppable in frontal assaults.

Equipped with a 12.7mm coaxial machine gun, it can support itself fully crewed. With a full armoured column in support, it’ll crush fronts.

86K - a Bardiche

“Unlike the 85-series, the Bardiche sports a heavier, more durable build and is fitted with a coaxial heavy machinegun along with a powerful, short-barrelled 68mm turret. Modern Kraunian engineering allows for a fast reload, making it an ideal tool to combat enemy armour.” - Official Description=

  • 35m Range. 68mm Cannon
  • Coaxial 12.7mm machine gun
  • Fast reloading and rapid rate of fire
  • Durable front armour

Where can I get one?

A base model tank, Colonials can knock these together with 165 RMATS at a garage or make a crate of 3 for 495 RMATS.

3. Silverhand Mk. IV

Not only does the Silverhand pack a punch on any front, it is a terrifying fortress on tracks to come up against in the field.

THE Warden frontline tank. Feared and revered. Not many armour pieces go up against one of these and come back alive. 

Fully crewed, it boasts a 68mm main gun and a 40mm second gun that can traverse 360 degrees. You’re getting two tanks for the price of one.

Silverhand Mk. IV

“The Silverhand assault tank is fitted with destructive dual-barrel armaments, and heavy frontal and rear armour. Its 68mm frontal cannon is paired with a lighter 40mm turret.” - Official Description

  • Two cannons on one tank
  • What it lacks in manoeuvrability, it makes up for in armour durability.
  • Can take on almost any tank
  • Can be upgraded to a variant with 12.7mm guns and a 250mm mortar

Where can I get one?

Wardens can pick one of these up at their garages for 155 RMATS or get a crate of 3 for 465 RMATS

2. 0-75b Ares

The Ares is the Colonial Super Battle tank and an absolutley huge lumbering beast of a machine.

The Colonial Super Tank. Equipped with dual 75mm cannons, it is a huge, lumbering beast with massive destructive potential.

0-75b Ares

“Armed with a dual 75mm turret, what the “Ares” lacks in speed and versatility, it more than makes up for with raw destructive power. Development of the “Ares” was fraught with strife, and its history is intertwined with a period of several riots erupting on the streets of Dimiourg. Rebels commandeered the first “Ares” Prototype, the O-75a, and turned it against Colonial forces in the region, ultimately leading to its destruction—albeit not without great effort. This event wove the great behemoth into the tapestry of Colonial legend.” - Official Description

  • Two 75mm Cannons
  • 6 man crew for carrying infantry
  • Heavy armour
  • Awesome destructive power

Where can I get one?

Colonials will need a lot of time, effort, and materials to build one of these. Not only does it need to be assembled at a properly equipped facility but it will take up to 48 hours to produce. If you want to play with one of these, you’ll either need to play foxhole as a full time job or join a clan who are building one of these super weapons.

1. Cullen Predator Mk. III

The Cullen Landship in action.

If one were to think of “Landship” this is probably what would come to mind. It may as well be a gunboat built to sail over trenches and barbed wire. A terrifying testament to Warden ingenuity.

Not only does it come with a 94.5mm main gun but two quad launching grenade turrets.

Cullen Predator Mk. III

“This gargantuan beast is the brainchild of Gray Cullen. Once thought impossible, the Predator was Cullen’s idea of how a great ship might operate on land. It boasts two sets of quad-barrelled grenade launchers and a heavy-duty 94.5mm forward facing cannon. While limitations of ground based travel posed certain restrictions on the scope of the project, Cullen wasn’t deterred and made necessary adjustments to meet his vision of the ideal land ship” - Official Description

  • 6 man crew
  • 94.5mm main gun
  • Two quad launcher turrets
  • The literal land boat

Where can I get one?

As with the Colonial super tank, this one's gonna take some serious time, effort, and teamwork to put together. You can join a clan or get together with some friends to not only build this thing but all the stuff that you’ll need to produce and maintain it.

Can I use the other factions' tanks?

Yes. If anything, it's to be encouraged. Partisans can steal enemy tanks from behind there lines or if a town is captured, anything left over by the beaten side is spoils to the victor. Adding enemy capabilities to your own arsenal can be a game changing difference.

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