'Foxhole' MMO Brings a Fresh Take of Online Multiplayer As It Presents Persistant Large-Scale Online Warfare

'Foxhole' MMO Brings a Fresh Take of Online Multiplayer As It Presents Persistant Large-Scale Online Warfare
An extra pair of boxers is recommended if its your first time on the battlefield...

‘Foxhole,’ is an MMO that hosts thousands of players in a persistent online war.

In ‘Foxhole,’ players wage an online war that can literally last for weeks. Thousands of players connect to the same online world. Every player can contribute to the war effort, which includes fighting, recon, military resource production, construction, and more.

Tanks advancing along a dirt road. Image by 'Foxhole.'

You can help to build trenches and bunkers on the frontlines of the war to hold back the enemy. On the frontlines, you can fight the enemy face to face in whichever class of military unit you choose to be, whether it’s infantry, artillery, navy, or airforce.

The war will take place in the air, on the ground, in the oceans, and even in the hearts and minds of every player on the battlefield as they make critical life-or-death decisions throughout the game.

Alternatively, you could help to keep the war going by building factories and producing weapons, vehicles, equipment, and supplies to supply your army to help them to put up a strong fight against the enemy.

Loading up supplies at a warehouse. Image by 'Foxhole.'

‘Foxhole,’ features massive maps with towns, villages, farms, and all sorts of other environments to fight and work in. The game is incredibly detailed and creates an in-depth experience that requires teamwork, patience, and sound strategy.

Buildings and environments are fully destructible, allowing you to raze towns to the ground with heavy artillery barrages and turn beautiful forests into cratered scars on the face of the earth. Additionally, the game features a dynamic weather system that has a real impact on the battlefield and player characters and units.

‘Foxhole,’ is developed by ‘Siege Camp,’ and was released on Steam in September 2022.

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