[Top 5] Foxhole Best Bunker Layouts That Are Excellent

Bunkers in Foxhole are all player built to hold and keep ground as well as acting as forward positions on front lines.

Bunker bases are player built structures that act as local region spawn points as well as static defences to keep the enemy at bay. Anyone can build one with the right materials but it takes good strategic builders to make some truly concrete titans. Here’s a few of the best layouts this writer has seen in his time in the trenches.

5. The Hasty Bunker

The Hasty Bunker has only the bare essentials that it needs in order to be a functional bunker base.

The most basic form of bunker. A very quickly built, “hasty” design. This is an ideal structure when you’re advancing and you don’t have time to get into the nitty gritty of good design. 

Known in the community as “Build Pushing” you can throw one of these up quickly to support your team’s advance. Once a foot hold is secure, then you can worry about building better defences and more permanent structures

Why is The Hasty Bunker so great?

  • Its dead simple to set up
  • Can be built quickly
  • Nothing fancy. Just a base to support an advancing front

4. The Bunker Core

A small and compact bunker core. This one with full dried concrete.

This is one of the simplest yet effective designs of a bunker base. A small core of bunker units that can be added to with extra defensive structures. Don’t underestimate the small and the mighty.

Any player can knock one of these up relatively easily with the right materials. The bonus here is that it's a modular design that can be added to in all directions. Vital when all round defence is required.

See one in action in the video below.

Notice how its a smaller target for artillery fire?

Why is The Bunker Core so great?

  • A modular start for an all round defence
  • Small and easy to place
  • Easy and simple to build
  • Small target

3. The X Bunker

With all round defence in every direction, this is gonna be a difficult bunker for enemy infantry to dislodge.

An upgrade from the bunker core to include 360 defences. Perfect for a front with a lot of ground to cover when you don’t have the time to set up a full defensive line.

See the full layout below.

Why is The X Bunker so great?

  • Small target for indirect fire.
  • All around defence
  • Low material cost for what it is
  • Can be placed almost anywhere.

2. The Howey Hole

Concrete in all directions with guns facing outwards. This is not a task to be taken lightly. By builders or assaulting forces alike.

Armed to the teeth with Howitzer guns facing in all directions. This bad boy is going nowhere. Complemented with defensive structures surrounding its core to keep any satchel wielding partisans away, this will withstand any storm. 

You’re gonna need a lot more time and resources to knock together concrete structures. It will take some time into the war to tech the necessary items but once it's up and the concrete is dry, you’ve got yourself a little gun toting rabbit warren.

Fun fact about this example here. It actually withstood 5 Warden attacks and survived the entire war.

Why is The Howey Hole so great?

  • AI Howitzers in all directions
  • Less resource intensive that a defensive line
  • With added anti tank and anti infantry, its nigh impregnable

1.The Line

Notice how the lines "blocks" are built almost like teeth? It adds a lot to structural stability.

A fully supported defensive line, this is the most resource intensive bunker structure that you can build in Foxhole. Its modular “Toothed” structure gives it plenty of robust defence. Plus you can add a mix and match of different Anti-infantry, Anti-tank, or Anti-indirect fire.

You may want to bring some friends with you to build these mammoth bases unless you love pain.

See some CHAD’s in action defending their bunker base here.

Why is The Line so great?

  • Creates a wall of defences
  • Can be as long or short as you’re willing to make it
  • Strong, robust structures
  • Modular. You can add any Anti-whatever thing you heart desires.

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