10 Scary Things That Can Turn Earth Post-Apocalyptic

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10 things that could leave the world post-apocalyptic

Numerous people hear of the desolation and aftermath that a post-apocalyptic situation can bring upon humanity. However, very few people even hear about the many ways that that these post-apocalyptic scenarios can come to be, or the graphic nature of these apocalypses that craft the new world.

Those who choose to read this article should be freed of this dilemma as I portray ten horrifying events that could destructively create a post-apocalyptic world.

10) Alien Invasion

Though several people would prefer to write off the imminent possibility of an alien invasion, our universe is immeasurably vast and supports a high possibility of life beyond our own existence. Our world is rich in minerals and resources, providing ample reasons for an invasion from technologically advanced beings like aliens.

You wake up expecting another dull day on your way to work until the ground begins shaking. You panic, thinking that an earthquake is occurring, but you then you hear it; you cover your ears as though this would somehow muffle the almost deafening sound of wind whipped metal carnage. As the sound settles and the ringing in your ears has come to a calm you hear something less foreign; the sound of hundreds of people screaming torturously.

If beings capable of inner galactic travel decide to attack earth it won’t mean war, it will mean death

Upon looking up to the absurd chaos of people trampling over one another, you find your vision drifting in the direction of what they were running from. As your eyes come to rest on an object only describable as some form of airship, you realize beyond this transport lies beings with an intelligence greater than your own. Having the carnal urge to flee you rush to the nearest vehicle and crawl underneath, using it as means of shelter.

The car works effectively as a means of hiding, but it does not relieve you from hearing the blood curdling screams of the unlucky inhabitants, the undeniable scent of freshly unearthed soil, and some noises that are inexplicably foreign. Thoughts fly through your mind as you try not to conjure up images that meet with the horrid sounds and smells you collect as you dare not look at what truly lies outside of your metal confines. But after what feels like an eternity inside the worlds darkest dreams the noises ceased. The smells remained but the noises all but faded away into the distance.

The humans that survive must scavenge through earth’s remains in search of any viable materials

Finally gathering the mental strength to look out at what remains of the world, pausing only for a moment to imagine what you hope is still left of the world, and then without any more hesitation you open your eyes to a baron, canyon filled world that almost mocks the very existence of what this world used to be. The world had been ransacked as though it was a level of Xcom. However, this situation is nothing like a game. There are no game overs, restarts, or rage quitting over loosing. There is only death and fear of such a fate worse than death.

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