[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Fishing Spots

Link becomes a fishing tour guide.

[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Fishing Spots


Why is fish important in the game?

Fish is highly important in Tears of the Kingdom because it’s one of the best ingredients to heal your health. Some of them have special effects when cooked into a meal. 


How to fish in the game? 

You can fish in the game by swimming in the water. When coming close to a fish, press the A button to catch it. Press the B button to dash in the water. 


Alternatively, you can use a fishing trawler to catch the fish you find while driving it around. You can use a shock fruit arrow to stun a group of fish.


10. Great Sky Island Temple of Time Lake

The Great Sky Island Temple of Time Lake is near the Ukouh Shrine, where you first achieve the Ultrahand ability.


Although you can fish all around Great Sky Island, what makes this spot special is that it’s a fun diving place! The large perimeter allows you to catch great critters near the water, such as Sunset Fireflies or Hot-Footed Frogs. 


Why Temple of Time is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • This spot offers Ancient Arrowana, Hot-Footed Frogs, and Sunset Fireflies. Ancient Arrowana restores 1 heart and makes great Salt-Grilled Fish meals. Hot-Footed Frogs create Speed-Boost elixirs, and Sunset Fireflies create Stealth-Up elixirs.


  • Use the Temple of Time as a diving spot! It makes the fishing process fun and less mundane. You can also use the Temple of Time bridge to shoot some shock fruit arrows into the water to find fish more easily. 


  • The Temple of Time has a large perimeter, allowing you to walk around and spot Ancient Arrowona close to the ledge. Occasionally, you can find Hot-Footed Frogs hopping around. During the nighttime, you can catch Sunset Fireflies. 


  • Its large body of water allows more Ancient Arwona to swim. The lily pads are more spread out, helping when one has low stamina for swimming.


How to get there:

The lake is located here. 


Fast travel to the Ukouh Shrine. The lake is within walking distance!


9. West Hebra Sky Archipelago


West Hebra Sky Archipelago is north of the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and above the Biron Snowshelf. 

West Hebra Sky Archipelago is one of the best places to fish in the game because it has hearty bass, which is super hard to find in TOTK! It may have finite things to do, but the treasure you find in the water is worth achieving. 


Why West Hebra Sky Archipelago is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • Use a new fishing method! In this sky island, use Ultrahand to lift a dam-like door to drown the water and hold it for a long time. Then, activate Recall on it. This ensures you achieve all the fish and treasure you find at the bottom of the pond and that the dam-like door stays up. 


  • It has Hearty Bass! Hearty Bass restores your hearts by 2. 4 Hearty Bass and 1 Rock Salt makes a Hearty Salt Grilled Fish with a Full Recovery ability and extra gold hearts. 


  •  There’s treasure in the pond! If you achieve them, you get a Flame Emitter and a Balloon. These items help reach high altitudes.

How to get there:

Here’s where it’s located. 


Use the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. 


Glide in this direction. 


Down below, there is a hot air balloon device. Land on it and use it. It will help you go higher and land on the West Hebra Sky Archipelago near the Ijo-O Shrine. 


Here’s the fishing area. Remember to use these dam-like doors with Ultrahand and Recall!


8. West Necluda Sky Archipelago

West Necluda Sky Archipelago is a small sky island with a waterfall. It is close to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.


West Necluda Sky Archipelago is one of the best spots to fish because you’ll find niche things that live with the fish, such as Fleet-Lotus Seeds and, at super-rare times, fairies! It’s a small spot to get to, and you can only get there by using the Zora armor to swim up the Sky Islands’ waterfall. 


Why West Necluda Sky Archipelago is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • The fish that live here are Hearty Bass and Ancient Arrowana. Hearty Bass is harder to find in TOTK than Ancient Arrowana. Hearty Bass recovers 2 hearts, while Ancient Arrowana recovers 1 heart. Both are great for Salt-Grilled or Skewer meals. 


  • The frogs you find here are Hot-Footed Frogs and sometimes Tireless Frogs. Hot-footed frogs create Speed-Up elixirs. Tireless Frogs, on the other hand, make elixirs that increase stamina.


  • Fleet-Lotus Seeds surround the lily pads on this sky island. They make fantastic Hasty Simmered Fruit with Speed-Up abilities. When cooked with 5, it will recover 5 hearts and give Link a level 3 Speed-Up ability for 5 minutes. 


  • Fish here at night! You’ll be able to see and catch Sneaky River Snails, Sunset Fireflies, and, at rare times, Fairies. Sneaky River Snails make great skewers with Stealth-Up abilities, and Sunset Fireflies make great Stealth-Up elixirs. Fairies replenish some of Link’s health when he loses his last heart. When cooked with other monster parts, they can be made into fairy tonics.


How to get there:

 Put on your Zora armor and take the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. 


Your destination is over here, marked with a blue pin. 


Glide over to the waterfall. Use the Zora armor to swim up the waterfall and land on the island. 


7. Zora’s Domain 

Zora's Domain is home to the Zora and is west of the East Reservoir Lake.


Zora's Domain is a fun fishing spot because you can use the Zora armor and swim up the waterfalls. Swimming up waterfalls allows Link to glide and spot the Chillfin Trouts that live there. Fish in elegance as you admire the Zora architecture.


Why Zora's Domain is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • It's the most gorgeous fishing spot in the game! It's best during the daytime. Admire the Zora architecture as you fish around and use it to an advantage. For example, use Zora armor to swim up the waterfalls and spot Chillfin Trouts swimming around. 


  • Chillfin Trouts are useful for heat-resistance meals. They recover 1 heart. 4 of them with Rock Salt create a Chilly Salt-Grilled Fish meal recovering 5 hearts with a level 2 Heat-Resistance lasting 11 minutes. 


  • You can find Bright-Eyed Crab here. They create stamina-up meals. 5 of them make an awesome Energizing Seafood Skewer, recovering 5 hearts and 3 wheels of stamina. 


  • For BOTW fans, re-enter the area where the Ne'Ez Shrine used to be. This area is a basin between the shop and the hotel for newcomers. The basin has Fleet-Lotus Seeds, which help make Speed-Boost meals.


  • The Mogawak Shrine is the best fast-travel spot near a fishing area. The fishing spot is right there when you travel here! 


How to get there:

The best way is to Fast Travel to the Mogawak Shrine. If you still need to unlock the shrine, you can take the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and glide to Zora's Domain.


6. Hebra Plunge

Hebra Plunge is east of Lake Totori and near the Sahiroh Shrine. 


Hebra Plunge is special because it has fish that don’t mind the cold! There are cliffs to dive off from and plenty to explore with a fishing trawler. While most fish are located at the lowest level, few are above the waterfall. 


Why Hebra Plunge is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • It has Hearty Salmon! Hearty Salmon recovers 4 hearts and creates meals to increase the maximum amount of hearts. Add Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, and 3 Hearty Salmon to make a Hearty Salmon Meuniére. It offers a full recovery and added hearts. 


  • It has Chillfin Trouts! They make Heat-Resistant meals. They recover 1 heart. 4 of them with Rock Salt create a Chilli Salt-Grilled Fish meal, recovering 5 hearts with a level 2 Heat Resistance lasting 11 minutes.


  • It has Voltfin Trout! They make Shock-Resistant meals. They recover 1 heart. 4 voltfin Trouts and Rock Salt create an Electric Salt-Grilled Fish recovering 5 hearts and has a level 3 Shock-Resistance for 16 minutes. 


  • Some great items are near the water and on cliffs. You can find Rushrooms, Chillshrooms, and Swift Violets. Rushrooms create Speed-Up meals, Chillshrooms create Heat-Resistant meals, and swift violets create Speed-Up meals. 


  • You can fish below or above the waterfall. The Hebra Plunge has 3 levels. To make your fishing fun, create a fishing trawler roller coaster and fall from the waterfalls!


How to get there:

The best way is to Fast Travel to the Sahirow Shrine. Or you can use the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and glide to the Hebra Plunge. 


From the shrine, it’s one shield surf away to the east! Wee! 


5. Horon Lagoon and Lanayru Bay 

Horon Lagoon is a long-stretchy lagoon next to Lanayru Bay, with many stone landmarks and wind paths. 


Horon Lagoon has diverse sealife on its shores, deepwater, and water around the rocks. It's a fun fishing spot, and you can use the intricate wind paths to find fish and crab. Enhance your fishing experience by sailing through Lanayru Bay with a fishing trawler. 


Why Horon Lagoon is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • The lagoon is quite large! Use the wind paths to get a bird' s-eye view of the water to spot what you need. You can also use a fishing trawler to explore the deepwater areas of the lagoon.


  • You will run into plenty of Armored Porgys and Mighty Porgys. Both of these are common in the Lanayru area, but they are rare fish that offer different types of meals. Mighty Porgys offer Attack-Up meals, while Armored Porgys offer Defensive-Up meals. 


  • Bright-Eyed Crabs and Razorclaw Crabs crawl around the shores. Occasionally, they might reach the rocky areas. Razorclaw Crabs make Attack-Up meals, while Bright-Eyed Crabs make stamina-recovery meals. 


How to get there:

Horon Lagoon is located southeast of the East Reservoir Lake.


You can glide immediately from the Apogek Shrine and head east to Horon Lagoon. 


You can fast travel to the Yomizuk Shrine. It's a cave shrine. You have to use the ascend ability to get out of the cave, then head west to glide to the Horon Lagoon.


4. Lake Akkala

Lake Akkala is next to Tarrey Town and a glide away from Link's House! 


Lake Akkala is an excellent spot to fish because it has essential fishes that are common in Hyrule. One of the rare fishes to find in Lake Akkala is Armored Carp. Treasure hides underwater or nearby rocks.


Why Lake Akkala is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • It's a perfect evening fishing spot where you can witness Akkala's autumn-like colors come to life. You can also see the hidden sunset peeking from the mountains, which blends well with the maple and green trees.


  • It has Hyrule Bass. They recover 1 heart and improve health when cooked into a meal. 4 of them with Rock Salt create Salt-Grilled Fish that can recover 10 hearts! 


  • It has Staminoka Bass. They recover 1 heart and help create stamina-recovery meals. 4 of them with Rock Salt make an Energizing Salt-Grilled Fish that recovers 5 hearts and 3 extra stamina wheels. 


  • It has Armored Carp. They recover 1 heart and help create defense-up meals. 4 of them with Rock Salt make a Touch Salt-Grilled Fish that recovers 5 hearts with a Level 3 Defense-Up ability that lasts 4 minutes and 20 seconds. 


  • Around the shore of the wetland, you can find Sunset Fireflies and Warm Darners. Warm Darners are best used to make cold-resistant meals. You can also spot Hot-Footed Frogs leaping around in the area. 


  • You can find 2 treasure chests here! One has an Arrow x5, hidden by a rock, south of Tarrey town. The other treasure chest has Opal, and is in the water. It's in between Akkala Falls and Torin Wetland. There is plenty of space to use a fishing trawler. 

How to get there:

The best way is to Fast Travel to the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine. Alternatively, you can Fast Travel to the Rasitakiwak Shrine and glide over Lake Akkala. 


3. Lake Mekar 

Lake Mekar surrounds the perimeter of the Korkok Forest. The best places to fish in Lake Mekar are near the Military Training Camp and the Rauru Hillside.


The best fishing areas are sometimes the hardest to fish in because Lake Mekar is close to the Korok Forest's mist! It can make the fishing process slightly tricky but manageable when using a Bolt Boat. Stealthfin Trouts are significant to Lake Mekar and offer Stealth-Up abilities when cooked into a meal. On the west side, there's some treasure!

Why Lake Meka is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • Lake Mekar is circular to fish around.


  •  You can make fishing easier by gliding off the hills and shooting shock arrows into the water. Use the Bolt Boat to fish in this area because it is a fast device that can outrun the Korok mist. If you want to fish somewhere mysterious, this is the place! 


  • Stealthfin trouts recover 1 heart, and offer Stealth-Up abilities when cooked in meals. When cooked with 4 of them and Rock Salt, they make a Sneaky Salt-Grilled Fish that recovers 5 hearts and has a level 2 Stealth-Up ability lasting 9 minutes. 


  • Mighty Carps recover 1 heart and offer Attack-Up abilities. When cooked with 5, they make a Mighty Fish Skewer that recovers 5 hearts and has maximum Attack-Up power for 4 minutes and 10 seconds! 


  • Other fish that live here are Staminoka Bass and Hyrule Bass. When cooked into meals, Staminoka Bass recovers 1 heart and offers stamina-recovery abilities. Hyrule Bass recovers 1 heart and amplifies healing abilities.


  • Great insects roam around the lake! Warm Darners, Restless Crickets, and Summerwing Butterflies are worth catching. Warm Darners make Cold-Resistance elixirs. Restless Crickets make stamina elixirs. Summerwing Butterflies make Cold-Resistance elixirs as well. 


  • There is some treasure on the west side of the lake. Achieve an Arrow x10 hidden in the water west of Mekar Island. On Mekar Island, you can get a Forest Dweller's spear. 

How to get there: 

You can fast travel to the Ekochiu Shrine and run over to the lake.


Alternatively, you can Fast Travel to the Simosiwak Shrine and glide to the lake. 


2. Flight Range

The Flight Range is located in Dronoc's Pass, northwest of Rito Village.


The Flight Range is an excellent spot because exactly 4 Hearty Salmon live there. Also, it's close to one of the best challenges in TOTK, where an NPC named Kaneli offers you target practice. 


Why Flight Range is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • The Flight Range has 4 Hearty Salmon. Hearty Salmon recovers 4 hearts and increases recovering as many hearts when cooked into a meal. Cooking 5 Hearty Salmons make a Hearty Fish Skewer that offers a full recovery, including extra gold hearts.


  • It's a fun fishing spot! Use the upward drafts to glide around the Flight Range lake, and shoot off some shock arrows to make your fishing easier. 


  • It's close to one of the best side quests, Kaneli's Flight Training, which involves gliding and shooting at many targets. When you accomplish the side quest, he'll give you his Swallow Bow. After completing the side quest, you can revisit the Flight Range to retrieve a Swallow Bow and 2 Arrows x5.


  • Kaneli's tent has a cooking pot. You can immediately cook the Hearty Salmon you find to make an excellent meal. 


  • This is one of the game's easiest fishing spots and has a small lake. Sometimes, fishing in smaller areas makes it simpler. 


How to get there:

The best way to get there is to Fast Travel to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and glide to the Flight Range from the air. 



1. Eventide Island and Necluda Sea


Eventide Island is southeast of the Necluda Sea and is a short sail from Soka Point. 


Eventide Island is near the largest fishing area, the Necluda Sea. The island is home to Mighty Porgy, Armored Porgy, Ironshell Crabs, and Razorclaw Crabs. It's a fishing spot area with lots to do near a side quest and chasm.


Why Eventide Island is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • It has lots of Mighty and Armored Porgy! Mighty Porgy enhances hearts and Attack-Up power in meals, while Armored Porgy enhances hearts and Defense-Up power in meals. When cooked with Tabantha Wheat and Goat Butter, they make a Meuniére, recovering plenty of hearts and offering maximum Attack-Up or Defense-Up abilities.


  • It has Ironshell and Razorclaw Crabs on the shores! Ironshell Crabs enhance hearts and defensive-up power in meals, while Razorclaw Crabs enhance hearts and attack-up power in meals.


  • You may also find helpful weapons such as Rusty Shields or a Knight's Broadsword on the shore. Don't ignore what's inland! It has treasures such as a Soaring Boomerang, goods such as Mighty Bananas, and a Shrine hiding near the enemy pirate ship.


  • The island is near one of the best side quests, Seeking the Pirate Hideout. Don't forget to raid the enemy bases and the enemy pirate ship; there is plenty of good stuff around them, such as treasure, weapons, or items. 


  • Right by the shore, there’s a chasm. A unique treasure hides in that chasm. When beating the coliseum, you'll achieve Minda's Helmet. It offers Gloom Resistance.


  • Feel like a pirate and sail the Necluda Sea on a fishing trawler! It is fun and will enhance your fishing experience by getting Porgy in bulk. Experience the best view of the sunset by sailing the Necluda Sea.

How to get there:

Here’s where it is. You can Fast Travel via the Marari-in Shrine.


To get to Eventide Island for the first time, reach the Sifumim Shrine first. 


Ignore the enemies in Lurelin Village by running past them unnoticed. Make a Zonai marine device when on Cape Cresia. As an example, a Bolt Boat with 2 Wheels. Use Zonai Charge or Zonai Battery if necessary. 



Make it to the sea, and you’ll reach Eventide Island! You might see some Porgy on your way. 


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