[Top 5] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Swords

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 [Top 5] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Swords 


How good are Swords in the game?

The swords in the game are excellent, depending on which one you find!


Swords with over 24 Attack Points are swords with lots of power.


One-handed swords unleash charged attacks more efficiently because they're faster and made for quick striking.


Two-handed swords unleash charged attacks, too, but are best for spin attacks! Some swords are better than others because they have special abilities.


This list goes from early game to late game. It may contain spoilers, so please read it at your own risk.


5.      Mighty Zonaite Swords 

Zonaite Sword stats

10 Damage 

When fused with Captain Construct IV Horns, it delivers 60 Damage! 

When fused with Zonai devices, it delivers 21 Damage! 

Multiple variations of Durability Up + abilities. 

Passive Ability: Zonai-Powered


The Mighty Zonaite Swords are one-handed weapons. They can be found in dungeons or labyrinths. They are easy to find early in the game because Captain Constructs wield them at their campsites or shrines. You don't necessarily need to find treasure to find Mighty Zonaite Swords.


It's a versatile sword because it has a great passive ability, increasing its damage strength with Zonai devices. It also means you can create many purposes with it when fusing Zonai devices with the Mighty Zonaite Sword for far-range or close-range combat. 


It's also more durable than decayed or rusty weapons. For example, making a Flame Emitter Club with a 10 Damage Royal Broadsword and 1 Damage Flame Emitter will deliver 11 Damage power. It easily breaks after 8 strikes. 


Making a Flame-Emitter Club with a 10 Damage Mighty Zonaite Sword and a 1 Damage Flame-Emitter delivers 21 Damage! It breaks after 30 strikes. 


Why the Mighty Zonaite Sword is Perfect Early Game: 

The Mighty Zonaite Sword is a great weapon early in the game because you will need a frequent sword to take out dungeon bosses and their underlying pity followers. 


The Mighty Zonaite Sword becomes frequent as you progress through the game and follow the story beats. Most players will achieve Mighty Zonaite Swords by accident throughout their journey who got it from Great Sky Island, Soldier Construct camps, completing shrines, or exploring the Regional Phenomena's dungeons. 


The game makes it clear that enemies that hold valuable weapons can respawn your favorite weapons you've found in the past. Mighty Zonaite Swords is one of them, and it's free, unlike other best swords in the game that require prerequisite labor. 


What Mighty Zonaite Sword Is Good For: 

  •  The Mighty Zonaite Sword should always fuse with a Zonai Device because it will strengthen the sword. There are different purposes for each Zonai device attached to it. For mid-range- combat, fuse it with a flame or first emitter and use charged attacks to burn or freeze enemies coming dangerously close to you!


  • As another example, you can fuse the sword with a cannon for far-range combat. In some situations, you may need to take out normal Bokoblins wearing stone armor or try to subdue enemies like Silver Boss Bokoblins off balance. 


  • Use a shock emitter for close combat! It's effective for immobilizing enemies such as Captain Constructs, Silver Lizalfos, Silver Moblins, Silver Bokoblins, and Silver Lizalfos. Other Zonai materials best for close combat are Small Wheels, Big Wheels, Sled, and Hydrant. 


  • Use the sword to push enemies away! When fused with a Fan, swing your sword to gust them away with the wind. It's fun pushing enemies off of cliffs! 


  • Fuse the sword with ancient blades, canons, electric shock emitters, flame emitters, and frost emitters to defeat dungeon bosses. You'll need a combination of destructive power and strike power. You'll need this against Muktork, Marbled Gohma, and Queen Gibdo. 


How to get the Mighty Zonaite Sword: 

There are few treasures where the Mighty Zonaite Sword can be found.

 It's usually best to revisit dungeons you've completed or raid a Soldier Construct camp. You can get one instantly near  Ibara Butte.


4.     Fierce Deity Sword 

Fierce Deity Sword Stats

38 Damage

Wearing the Fierce Deity Armor gives a Level 3 Attack-Up boost. 

Dragon Horn Fusion 64 Damage 

Gleeok Horn Fusion 68 Damage

Flux Construct III Core 70 Damage

Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn Fusion 75 Damage

White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn Fusion 82 Damage


The Fierce Deity Sword is part of Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity. It's located at the Cephla Lake Cave after achieving the Fierce Deity armor set. It is considered the best 2-handed weapon to find during the regional phenomena journey. 


The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the most overpowered swords because it boasts 38 Damage! As a bonus, the Fierce Deity armor comes with the sword, adding an attack-up ability. It's a two-handed heavy sword that allows Link to strike enemies around him or strike heavier enemies continuously. If it breaks, you can buy the Fierce Deity Sword from Bargainer Statues in the Depths for 150 Poes.


Why The Fierce Deity Sword is Perfect Early Game: 

As a disclaimer, you can get the Fierce Deity Sword at any time during the game. However, achieving it during your Regional Phenomena journey is best because you'll unlock fast travel points to quickly obtain the Fierce Deity armor. Then, you can get the sword back at Cephla Lake Cave.


You'll want this early in the game because farming monster parts is essential to beating some dungeon bosses, such as Marbeled Gohma and Queen Gibdo. With the Fierce Deity, you'll want to face a few mini-bosses, such as regular Taluses, Lynels, Moldugas, and Hinoxes. The Fierce Deity shines when fusing monster parts with it, making battles against the dungeon bosses effortless by inflicting more damage. After completing all regional phenomena, it will prepare you for brutal battles set in the Depths.


What The Fierce Deity Sword Is Good For: 

  • It's great for facing all the mini-bosses you will come across! When first received, it's powerful against normal Stone Taluses, Lynels, Moldugas, and Hinoxes. Those are the easiest Mini-Bosses. After achieving easy monster parts, you can begin farming blue, black, silver, or white monster parts. 


  • It's best fused with monster parts such as Dragon Horns, Gleeok Horns, Flux Construct Cores, Silver Boss Bokoblin Horns, and White Maned Lynel Horns. These fusions are ideal for fighting against Marbled Gohma, Muktork, and Queen Gibdo. As another example, fuse a Flux Construct Core to spin an attack against Blue White Froxes!


  • It's perfect for raiding enemy camps! You can move around Link's spin attack and hit as many surrounding enemies as possible. The charged attack is almost as great as the spin attack, creating a perfect final blow when fused with a Fire Gleeok Horn! It creates a burst of flames. 


Read this Article to get the Fierce Deity!


3.  Scimitar of the Seven


Scimitar of the Seven Stats 

28 Damage 

Passive Ability: Strong fusion ability 

Dragon Horn Fusion 80 Damage

Gleeok Horn Fusion 88 Damage 

Flux Construct III Core Fusion 92 Damage 

Molduga Jaw Fusion 92 Damage

Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn Fusion 102 Damage

Molduga Fin Fusion 

White Maned Lynel Fusion 116 Damage

Ancient Blade Fusion 128 Damage


Scimitar of the Seven was once Urbosa's sword from Breath of the Wild, and it is still available in Tears of the Kingdom. It's a mighty  one-handed sword! Attempt 2 side quests called A Missing Owner and Pride of the Gerudo in Gerudo Town. 


Scimitar of the Seven is a perfect one-handed sword for quick-striking enemies and quick-charged attacks. It's also good for flurry rushes!It has a wonderful passive ability, enhancing fused weapons to it. It's insane and surpasses unique swords, such as the Fierce Deity Sword, because of its fusion abilities. 


Why Scimitar of the Seven is Perfect Mid-Game: 

After completing all 4 regional phenomena, you'll want to begin achieving some champion weapons. The Scimitar of the Seven will be extremely useful when attempting the main quest called Crisis at Hyrule Castle. Save it for facing off Phantom Ganondorf and other mini-bosses to make your life easier! 


What Scimitar of the Seven Is Good For: 

  • The sword is small in length, so it is for super-close combat! Prepare to get in the enemy's face fearless. Always fuse monster parts with this weapon. 


  • The sword unleashes charged attacks, which are useful for defeating powerful enemies with great force. Use this feature against enemies who tire easily, such as Hinoxes, Moldugas, Stone Taluses, Flux Constructs I and II, and normal Froxes.


  • Fuse monster parts such as Dragon Horns, Gleeok Horns, Lynel Horns, or Molduga Fins to reach serious damage power! These are great resources for preparing for the Crisis at Hyrule boss fight. You face off with Phantom Ganondorf. Use the Scimitar of the Seven by activating a flurry rush and defeat him with quick and mighty blows!


How to get the Scimitar of the Seven: 

1’st, you must finish Gerudo’s Regional Phenomena.

2’nd, talk to Cara in the Jewelry shop to start The Missing Owner Quest. 


3’rd, travel to the Miryotanog Shrine and look for a smoke signal north of that shrine in the Toruma Dunes. Defeat the Molduga. 


4’th, if you don’t have a Gerudo Scimitar, Gerudo Shield, or 4 Diamond, you have to search for them. Fast Travel to the Otutsum Shrine and head north, there is an Ice Like-Like that has a Gerudo Shield. 

No worries if you broke your Scimitar during the Regional Phenomena, get one in the war room. 

If there’s no scimitar in the war room, you can get more facing Moldugas or going to the Ancient Prison Ruins in the Palu Wasteland. 


5’th, Fast Travel to Goron City. Buy 3 Diamonds at the shop, and along the path, crush deposits for Diamond. Eventually, you will get a Diamond.


Now, Fast Travel back to Gerudo and talk to Isha, she’ll give you a Daybreaker Shield and the Scimitar of the Seven sword! 



2.   Dusk Claymore

Dusk Claymore Stats:

32 Damage

No passive ability

Fierce Deity Fusion 70 Damage

Scimitar of the Seven Fusion 92 Damage


The Dusk Claymore is an iconic sword known as The Six Sages Sword based on the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game. It’s available in Tears of the Kingdom. 


It's a robust and durable two-handed sword. You can get it after completing all 4 Regional Phenomena and right after the Crisis at Hyrule Castle main quest. It's located in the Typholo Ruins and is part of an easy side quest called Investigate the Typholo Ruins. 


Because of its length, the Dusk Claymore is inevitable in battle. It's most effective with spin attacks. To experience its might, you must wear Attack-Up armor with it.


Compared to swords like the Gloom Sword, the Dusk Claymore is more durable and available when you buy it from Bargainer statues. You'll want to have more of it because it's easy to farm. It's super powerful when fusing the Dusk Claymore onto the Scimitar of the Seven sword, boasting 92 Damage.


Why the Dusk Claymore is Perfect Late Game: 

You'll want this sword right after Crisis at Hyrule Castle and before Finding the Fifth Sage because many annoying weak and strong enemies will get in your way. It's perfect for exploring the Depths when attempting the Spirit Temple. When you first achieve it, Bargainer statues will have the Dusk Claymore available for sale, and you can get many of them for 150 poes. 


It's beneficial when starting coliseum fights in the Depths and the final boss fight. Like the Fierce Deity, you'll want to use it to face mini-bosses and begin farming monster parts from mini-bosses and dungeon-bosses.


What the Dusk Sword is Good For: 

  • The Dusk Claymore can do fantastic things to speed up raiding enemy camps in the Depths. It can knock out Bokoblins with 1 hit, Moblins, and Silver monsters with fewer hits, and Silver Lizalfos and Moblins with 20 hits.


  • It has a great fuse combination with the Scimitar of the Seven! Equip the Scimitar of the Seven and fuse the Dusk Claymore onto it. It's called the Dusk-Claymore Scimitar. It's perfect for coliseum fights! For example, in Floating Coliseum, the weapon will defeat the first 2 Lynels without breaking, and best when waiting for Flurry Rushes. 


  • You'll want to use it during the final boss fight. The Dusk Claymore is another powerful alternative to the Master Sword when the Master Sword is charging. 


How to get the Dusk sword: 

You can get the Dusk Claymore from the Ganondorf Amiibo from several retailers such as the Nintendo Store, Target, Amazon, and Game Stop.


 Want to get it for free instead?  Watch this special video about how to get the Dusk Claymore!


1. Master Sword 


The Master Sword Stats:

Once fully restored in the game, 30 Damage 

When glowing in Depths, 60 Damage

Beam Ability

Champion’s Tunic offers using Beams at low health and a Beam-Up ability

Ancient Heroes Aspect offers Beam-Up Ability

Light Dragon Horn Fusion +20 Damage including life steal from enemies

Gloom Sword Fusion +41 Damage

Ancient Blade Fusion +50 Damage


The Master Sword is Link's favorite sword in the game! 


It is a one-handed sword that repels darkness, perfect for facing enemies in the Depths. It will glow there and become more powerful.


When not fighting in the depths, it deals 30 Damage by itself. It rapidly depletes all monsters' health. It never breaks but needs to be recharged for 10 minutes after frequent use.


Fusing super-strong horns or weapons onto the Master Sword can increase its strength. Don't fuse Zonai devices onto the Master Sword because they don't offer a fuse ability that is high enough.


Why the Master Sword is Perfect Late Game: 

Ganondorf is weak to the Master Sword, so use it! It repels his power and gloom. You can knock out the monster fights following the final boss fight.


What The Master Sword Is Good For: 

  • Although its stats are invisible, The Master Sword deals 30 Damage to enemies. It slightly increases damage with charged attacks and activating flurry rushes. 


  • The beam ability is good for long-range or mid-range battles when Link is at full health. If you're wearing the Champion's Tunic, you can use the Beam ability at low health. An upgraded Champion's Tunic or Ancient Hereos Aspect will provide a Beam Up ability when wielding the Master Sword. 


  • Fuse weapons onto it! When fusing with the Light Dragon's Horn, you can regain your health when striking enemies. That will be a formidable ability when facing Ganondorf! 


  • Fuse strong materials onto the Master Sword, such as the Gloom Sword or the Ancient Blade. The Gloom Sword deals 41 Damage, and the Ancient Blade deals 50 Damage. In the Depths, the Master Sword reaches over 101 Damage with the Gloom Sword and 110 Damage with the Ancient Blade.


How to get the Master Sword: 

As a prerequisite, you will need 2 full wheels of stamina to pull out the Master Sword. You’ll need 20 Light Blessings from shrines.

To get the Master Sword the best way possible, follow the main quest and geoglyphs memory quest line. The last dragon tear, memory #12, triggers an important cutscene revealing the Light Dragon’s location. 


This will be an opportunity to use the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Use the Glide Armor, Tulin, and Shield Rockets to save stamina. 


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