[Top 10] Tears of The Kingdom Best Shield Fusions

Link lets off a shield strike as the sun rises.


Top 10 Tears of the Kingdom Best Shield Fusions

If you have been playing Tears of the Kingdom for a while, you’ve got some favorite weapons and a huge handful of boss enemies you want to take on. Stronger enemies like Phantom Ganon and Lynels can take Link down in just a few hits! You’re going to need some creative shield fusions to help you stand a chance. So let’s get defensive, and not only that but offensive as well. With all of the items and materials this game offers, shields can do much more than just defend. They can even be used for some very fun and creative travel options! Today we’re going over the top ten best shield fusions in Tears of the Kingdom.


Number 10: Cannon Shield

A brilliant blue burst of energy erupts from the Cannon Shield.

The Zonai were total masters of destruction. Their creations, the Zonai devices, pack a massive punch. In order to create this cannon fusion, you’ll need any shield plus a cannon Zonai device. You can obtain a cannon from many of the Zonai dispensers seen around the land of Hyrule, just make sure you have some Zonai Charges to exchange! The best base shield to use for this fusion is a Mighty Zonaite Shield, this will allow for your shield fusion to consume less battery power from Link when being used. I’m sure you can guess what this one does, but here are the booming benefits of this shield fusion:

  • Massive explosions at the ready whenever you pull up your shield.
  • Great for crowd control, the explosions will send enemies flying off in all directions.
  • Instant targeted shots when using the ZL trigger to target lock-on to enemies.
  • The cannon shots will ignite the surrounding environment in flames, these flames will deal fire damage and allow Link to paraglide on the updrafts for bullet time arrow shots.

This shield fusion is one that is bound to be adored by players. It’s powerful, easy to put together, and fun to use. This shield fusion is something that remains useful even in the late game. A tip for using the cannon shield is to remain still after holding down ZL, that way the cannon fire will always land on the enemies Link is targeting. If you move the control stick while firing, the shots will be very hard to control. Get out there and have a blast with this one.


Number 9: Cart Shield

Link elegantly rides through a field on his Cart Shield.

Link Hawk’s Pro-Skater! This one is going to be a staple for those of you who enjoy shredding through the fields of Hyrule. To create this Shield Fusion you’ll need any shield to use as the base, and either a Zonai Cart Device, or a Mine-Cart. After you’ve fused one of these, you’ll end up with the Cart Shield. Hop into a shield surf on a downward slope and you’ll begin to go speeding downhill. This pick may seem goofy, but you’ll end up using it often. It allows you to travel short distances much faster than walking or running! Here’s what's sweet about this Shield Fusion:

  • Traveling downhill is much faster.
  • You can travel along rails just by hopping onto them with a Cart Shield.
  • In the depths, you can ride over gloom piles to avoid taking damage.
  • By pressing the attack button while riding, you can perform a spin attack that damages enemies and any breakable obstacles.

As silly as it sounds, this is bound to be a fan favorite fusion in the game. It’s helpful and makes traversing each level of this world so much easier, from sky, to surface, and to the depths. The only downside to this fusion is that it doesn’t last forever, so you’ll have to keep creating one if you want to keep a Cart Shield with you through the game. Have fun with this one, the world is your skate park.


Number 8: Stone Slab Shield

A strong extra layer of defense is added to Link's shield.

I know this one sounds a little stiff and boring, but it’s very reliable. In the early game, many players would fuse rocks and boulders to their shields for an extra defensive boost. Try to look at the stone slab shield as the evolution of those early game rock and boulder shields. The best base shield you can use for any fusions you want to use for defense is, without a doubt, the Hylian Shield. So if you have one, grab that shield and fuse it to the stone slab! You can find these mass chunks of stone very easily in the resource deposits spread all throughout the depths. Here’s why this shield fusion is surprisingly impressive:

  • Provides an additional defensive barrier for your shield.
  • Wider area of cover to defend against arrows or rocks.
  • With the stone added, any shield can now be used to push forward through flames.
  • The Stone Slab is easily accessible at almost any point in the game.

I know this one sounded a bit boring at first, but it earned its spot here for being a reliable and easily obtainable defensive bonus for your shield. It never hurts to make any unfused shields in your inventory into Stone Slab Shields whenever you can. The extra bonus could make the difference when you need it.


Number 7: Spike Ball Shield

Watch out for the spikes!

If you mess with Hyrule’s Hero, you might just get poked. This shield fusion is more deadly than the last, and it’s fun to use too! You’re going to need to find a giant spike ball for this fusion. These are a bit hard to find, you’ll find spike balls at various monster camps around Hyrule. The easiest camp to reach is probably the one in Central Hyrule, it’s just beyond Look Out Landing. Once you’ve obtained the Spike Ball, fuse it to your shield, and turn the tables on those monsters! Here’s what’ll keep you pointed to learn more about this shield fusion:

  • An additional layer of defense added to your shield.
  • Allows for protection against fire.
  • Arrow Shots will bounce right off your shield.
  • Shield bashes deal additional damage with the spikes.

There’s lots of reasons to keep this shield around. Whenever you come across one of the monster camps with a Spike Ball trap, make use of the spike ball yourself with this shield. The best feature here is definitely the damage enemies take whenever shield bashed. Have fun out there, just watch out for the spikes.


Number 6: Emitter Shields

Pew! Pew! Target sighted and locked.

Next up, I’m grouping together the various emitter Zonai Devices as they are all similar and would have populated lots of entries on this list. The Flame, Frost, Shock, and Beam emitters are all incredibly powerful Zonai devices. They can be found at the Zonai Device dispensers all around Hyrule, as well as at the Device Deposits in the Depths. If you use the dispensers make sure you have some Zonai Charges to exchange! For these Shield Fusions you’ll want to use a Mighty Zonaite Shield as the base so that you can have the bonus of less battery consumption. Here’s what's great about these shield fusions:

  • The Flame Emitter Shield will set enemies ablaze leaving them open to attacks, and you can set the grass on fire and catch a ride on an updraft!
  • The Frost Emitter Shield will freeze your enemies in place, giving you a chance to escape or plan attacks. You can also use this shield to create ice pathways over water.
  • The Shock Emitter Shield will shock your enemies, causing them to drop their weapons.
  • The Beam Emitter Shield is great to use at a distance. Upon holding ZL down, a beam will blast outwards from your shield and will chip away at enemy health.

These shield fusions are powerful and make battling monsters much easier. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, there should be an emitter shield that can help change the tide of your battles. Get out there and show off these flashy shield devices!


Number 5: Sapphire Shield

As the sun sets, a sapphire moon begins to rise into the night sky.

There are so many different ways to get ores in Tears of the Kingdom. From mining to defeating bosses, many players will end up with an abundance of ores. You might think the best way to use them is to sell them for Rupees, but the new elemental properties of these ores have given them a new life in this game. Attaching a Sapphire to your shield will give you an extra edge in battle, and it looks cool too. Here’s what's great about this shield fusion:

  • When an enemy strikes at you with your shield at the ready, they’ll be frozen solid upon impact with the sapphire.
  • You’ll get multiple uses out of an item that is normally only used once.
  • Instead of throwing the sapphire and being open to attacks, its effect will immediately be unleashed whenever an enemy makes contact with your shield.

You’ll definitely stay cool if you have this shield at the ready. It’s always useful when fusions make it so that you don’t have to use an item only once. A similar effect can be achieved by using ice monster parts, things like Ice Keese Eyeballs or Wings, but the sapphire gets the edge here as it will last longer and break less easily. Now get out there and give ‘em a chill, you make sure you stay warm though.


Number 4: Topaz Shield

As the blood moon finds a place in the sky, Link stands at the ready with his Topaz Shield.

This fusion is very similar to the last, but they differ in one crucial way that puts the Topaz Shield above the Sapphire Shield. Just like with the Sapphire, you can obtain Topaz by smashing cave walls and ore deposits. Once you’ve got the topaz, you’ll want to fuse that to the best shield you have, preferably the Hylian Shield. I hope you don’t get shocked too easily, because here’s what you’ll get out of this shield fusion:

  • Upon an enemy striking your shield, they’ll be instantly shocked.
  • When an enemy is shocked, their weapon will be sent flying from their hands.
  • You’ll get multiple shocks when fusing a topaz to your shield, if thrown or shot from a fused arrow you would only get to use it once.

The key difference between the Sapphire and the Topaz Shield is that the electric shock from the Topaz causes enemies to lose their weapons. It makes a huge difference when you can disarm your foes as they become much easier to defeat. Now, go roam the fields of Hyrule and whenever anyone gets in your way, give them something that will really shock them!


Number 3: Bomb Flower Shield

The sales of Bomb Shields are about to boom.

We’re reaching the end of our list, so it’s time for things to get explosive! If you’ve played Tears of the Kingdom for even just a little while, I’m sure you’ve tried your hand at fusing a bomb flower to a shield. If you know how and when to use this one properly, it’ll stick around even in the end game! You can achieve the same results whether you use a bomb flower or a time bomb. Bomb flowers are found all over caves and in the Depths. Time Bombs are obtained from Zonai Device Dispensers. Here’s why you’ll wanna keep this combustible combination around:

  • When surrounded by enemies, perform a shield-surf jump to blast the surrounding enemies and to propel yourself upwards.
  • If you need to climb up a ledge or mountain face while it’s raining, you can use a Bomb Shield to get up there without climbing.
  • If you’re in a pinch, shield-surf jump to fly into the air and enter bullet time with your bow to land some head shots.

This fusion is definitely a staple, and it never loses its spark. No matter how far into the game you are, there’s always going to be a need for explosives and a quick boost into the air. With the Bomb Shield’s ability to protect Link while damaging enemies and the added benefit of a huge push into the sky, it can be used in so many different situations. This shield fusion is absolutely boomin’.

Number 2: Icy Meat Shield

Coming through, make way!

Our second best Shield Fusion is the Icy Meat Shield, and no this is not an accident. This is one of the best fusions in the game for traversal. You’re going to need a durable shield (The Hylian Shield if you have one) and a piece of frozen raw meat. You can obtain the frozen meat by defeating some of the creatures of Hyrule like the fox, the boar, the mountain goat, the ostrich, and it can even be obtained from some monster camps. Before you can fuse the meat, it has to be frozen first. You can either drop it in a frigid area of Hyrule for a few moments, or toss an ice fruit at the raw meat while it’s on the ground. Now let me tell you why this bizarre fusion is worthy of your time:

  • Shield surfing becomes one of the fastest methods of travel because the shield no longer has any friction when colliding with the ground.
  • It can be used on all types of terrain, rock, sand, grass, and snow.
  • It’s great for covering ground in the depths and prevents the player from taking damage on the gloom patches.

If you need a way to make getting Light Roots and Shrines a little faster, this Shield Fusion will quickly become your best friend. I always kept one on me as I ventured through the depths and found the last few Light Roots I needed to light all the darkness. It sounds absurd, but the frozen meat shield is one of the best and most simple travel methods you can get your hands on!


Number 1: The Silver Lynel Shield

Ready for anything. Two blades, one hero.

Nothing can stand in your way now. Grab a Hylian Shield and a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, then fuse them together to create a shield that deals heavy attack damage upon performing a shield bash! You can snag a Silver Lynel Saber Horn only after defeating a Silver Lynel, which will be no easy task. Once you’ve obtained your reward materials, you’ll be glad you took on the towering foe. This fusion essentially allows you to dual wield since the Saber Horn acts as a second sword. Just make sure you use a one handed weapon with this shield. Here are a few more details on the best shield fusion in the game:

  • +55 attack damage when shield bashing enemies.
  • Combine this shield fusion with a strong one handed weapon, you can use the Master Sword for this.
  • You can activate Zonai Devices by shield bashing your builds.
  • If you ever run out of weapons, this shield will do the trick in a pinch.

The biggest benefit to this shield fusion is the ability to essentially dual wield two swords. It allows you to create new attack patterns and combinations when battling enemies. It also looks pretty cool to have a katana-like blade on your best shield. If you aren’t at a point in the game where you can take down a silver lynel, you can substitute any two handed weapon for a very similar effect. Have fun showing Hyrule what you can do with two blades.


These are the Top 10 Tears of the Kingdom Best Shield Fusions.

I hope you enjoyed finding new ways to keep yourself protected and ready to defend with your favorite shields. With so many massive enemies to fight in the land of Hyrule, there should definitely be a shield fusion here that you can take into your next battle. Have fun out there.


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