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Horror Movies That Give Us Nightmares
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15) Saw

Two men wake up in the same room, chained to the wall. They begin to realize that they are the latest victims of the legendary Jigsaw Killer, a man who places his victims in elaborate death traps - with a gruesome sacrifice the only key to their release. As they and the police try to figure out a way to outthink the Jigsaw Killer, it soon becomes clear that he has been playing a far deeper game than they could have anticipated.

Like its cousin Cube, Saw places a group of people in a series of puzzle boxes designed to test their minds in brutal fashion. But unlike the Cube, whose workings are mysterious to the point of seeming pointless, the Jigsaw Killer leaves his victims in no doubt that they are there for a purpose. Tobin Bell’s villainous protagonist is really an entire cult rolled into one person - an ideology made flesh, a moral framework adhered to beyond reason or fear of death.

The Jigsaw Killer aspires to become a minor god of judgment, and it is this larger-than-life ambition that enraptured audiences and kept them coming back for sequel after sequel.

Worst episode of Home Improvement ever.

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