[Top 50] Best Horror Action Movies That Are Amazing

Best Action Horror Movies
Turns out we're not alone afterall and now a bloodthristy horde of aliens is on the loose.

50. Underworld 

Underworld Trailer

As the bloody and ancient feud between vampire and werewolves continue, a young vampire Selene becomes an unfortunate victim when she is orphaned after a violent attack.

Years later, the war drags on and the Lycan have set their sights on a human physician, Michael Corvin, and plan to use him to put an end to the vampire’s bloodline. Selene takes it upon herself to rescue Michael from the rising hordes and stop the tyrannical Lycan leader Lucian from bringing an end to her kind. 

49. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

A young Abraham Lincoln watches in horror as his mother is viciously murdered by a bloodsucking vampire and pledges to seek vengeance on the creature and its kind. After a failed attempt at killing the beast almost costs him his life, Abe meets famed vampire hunter Henry who teaches him his ways. Decades later, after Lincoln has risen to the presidency, and the Civil War is crawling to the bloody end, Lincoln awaits the final battle against the fearsome beasts to finally get his revenge on the monster that took his mother. 

48. Resident Evil 

Resident Evil Trailer

Following a catastrophic accident in a secret laboratory, the staff and scientists have mutated into terrifying flesh-hungry monsters. At the center of the chaos stands a huge supercomputer that has gone haywire endangering humanity and it is up to a team of specially trained soldiers to quell the rising evil. 

47. Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason Trailer

Two of the most iconic serial killers in horror history have teamed up to begin the ultimate killing spree of all time. Over the years Freddy has lost his grip over the town and the residents have let him drift into urban legend. Determined to regain his hold on the people he enlists the help of Jason Voorhes. However when Jason doesn’t live up to Freddy’s expectations the two butt heads and turn on each other, hell-bent on coming out on top. 

46. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trailer

The quaint English countryside has been overrun by hordes of bloodthirsty zombies after a deadly plague has infected hundreds of unsuspecting victims and risen the dead from their graves. In the midst of this deadly panic, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy must set aside their differences and band together to save their country from the oncoming disaster, teaming up to fight off the hundreds of hungry zombies. 

45. The Meg 

The Meg Trailer

 Deep under the sea, a group of marine scientists is exploring the dark depths of the Mariana Trench when they come across a monstrous creature. The group soon realized that in their exploration they have made contact with one of the largest predators to have ever roamed the oceans. 

44. Constantine 

Constantine Trailer

John Constantine is a supernatural demonologist and exorcist and his skills are soon put to the test when a policewoman seeks his help. In an effort to uncover the truth behind the mysterious suicide of the officer’s sister Constantine sets out to expose the evil forces behind the death and exorcise them from our world. 

43. 30 Days of Night 

30 Days of Night Trailer

Once a year for an entire month the small town of Barrow, Alaska is overcome by deep darkness at all hours of the day. While most residents migrate south for the month some residents stay behind in the shadows. One year without warning hundreds of bloodthirsty vampires descend upon Barrow and prey on the unsuspecting victims in the shadow of the Northern darkness. 

42. Blade

Blade Trailer

Determined to avenge his mother’s death and save the human race from bloodthirsty vampires, a young half immortal sets out to hunt down the fearsome beasts. Unbeknownst to him, the immortal beings have set their sights on the man with plans to use his body to summon an ancient god who can finally bring an end to mankind. 

41. The Purge: Election Year 

The Purge: Election Year Trailer

As another year of the Purge soon approaches, serious threats have been made against the life of presidential candidate Charlie Roan who vows to put an end to the bloody practice. With the Senator’s life at risk, a retired police sergeant and his security team must fight off the rising mobs of murderers and protect Roan’s life if they will ever see an end to the Purge. 

40. The Purge: Anarchy

The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

With the intent of using the freedom of the Purge to avenge the death of his son, Leo sets out to hunt down the criminals who killed his son. Once out in the streets clear out and the Purge begins, Leo bumps into a wandering group of helpless strangers, stuck out in the open. Leo knows that if he abandons the group they will surely be run down by the hoards of murderers so he relents to staying with the strangers and fending off the oncoming danger as they venture out into the horrors of the night. 

39. The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy 1999 Trailer

The Sahara Desert is home to the tombs of hundreds of ancient mummies hidden from the world under heaps of endless sand. A group of hopeful explorers stumbles upon one of the mysterious tombs they discover the mummified remains of an Egyptian priest who had been condemned to spend eternity in suffering as one of the living dead. After opening the tomb they unwittingly unleash the vengeful spirit upon the world and must hurry to stop the rising chaos. 

38. From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn Trailer

After taking several innocent people hostage, two criminals seek a safe place to hind out and lay low. They come across what seems to be an ordinary truck stop and decide to hold up inside with their captives until the coast is clear. Little do they realize that they have thrust themselves into more danger as the truck stop becomes overrun with hungry vampires looking for their next meal. 

37. Death Proof 

Death Proof Trailer

Professional stuntman by day, crazed racing maniac by night, Mike spends his evenings taking innocent, unsuspecting women for deadly joy rides in his custom vehicle. He flies down the highways causing huge wrecks but coming out without a scratch, his passengers, however, aren't so lucky. One day Mike bites off more than he can chew when he bumps into a tough girl gang and takes them for a sinister ride. 

36. Predators 

Predetors Trailer

The rampaging Predators are back on the hunt when an unsuspecting group of human killers unsuspectingly wanders onto their home planet in search of their own prey. The group soon finds themselves under the watchful gaze of the fearsome aliens and must race through the dense foliage of the intergalactic jungle to avoid becoming the beasts next kill. 

35. World War Z 

World War Z Trailer

What began as an ordinary traffic jam has erupted into pure chaos as a deadly virus has infected hundreds of unsuspecting citizens with a strange disease, causing them to turn violent and zombielike. Former U.N. investigator Gerry Lane is forced back into duty along with others to find the source of the virus and hopefully put an end to its reign of terror before the whole of civilization is brought to its knees. 

34. The Crazies 

The Crazies Trailer

A mysterious toxic substance has overtaken the small town of Ogden Marsh and caused all of the infected residents to lose their minds and morph into murderous maniacs. In a last-ditch effort to contain the spread of the disease and the infected psychos the government has swooped in and quarantined the entire area, no one gets in or out. Unfortunately,a small group of healthy survivors have been left inside the blockade and are now trapped in the town among hoards of their bloodthirsty neighbors. 

33. Zombieland: Double Tap 

Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer

The mighty USA has fallen to the undead and the few survivors left after the outbreak of the deadly virus are struggling to avoid the hoards in a post-apocalyptic landscape. A small group of zombie slayers has been holding up in the abandoned White House and make the risky decision to venture out of the safety of the Oval Office and make the dangerous trek across the wasteland to another safehouse somewhere in Memphis, Tennessee. 

32. I am Legend

I am Legend Trailer

Wandering through the desolate streets of New York City, Robert Neville searches desperately for survivors of a deadly plague that transforms humans into hungry mutants. Robert knows that he could possibly put an end to the virus by developing a cure using his own blood as he is immune to the illness. However, as he is stalked by thousands of bloodthirsty monsters, he knows that he is quickly running out of time to save what is left of mankind. 

31. The Lost Boys 

The Lost Boys Trailer

Moving to a new town can be a big change for teenagers, to begin with, but brothers Michael and Sam discover that their recent relocation is anything but conventional. When Sam connects with a local girl Star who happens to be in cahoots with the leader of a vicious gang of vampires. Sam quickly becomes entangled with the deadly group and it’s up to his brother Micahel and his newfound friends to rescue him before it's too late. 

30. Army of Darkness 

Army of Darkness Trailer

Thrust back into the medieval period, Ash finds himself held captive in the court of the famed Lord Arthur. With his trusty chainsaw at his side, Ash sets out to find the legendary Book of the Dead. With the ancient text, he can summon an army of the undead to fight off his captors and escape from the dark ages. 

29. Planet Terror 

Planet Terror Trailer

Zombies have overrun a small town in Texas and left the residents struggling for survival. A go-go dancer Cherry and her ex-lover Wray must set aside their differences and band together to fight off the rising hoards of monsters. Things take a turn for the worst when Cherry’s leg is bitten off by a hungry beast but after replacing her missing appendage with a machine gun she takes matters into her own hands and unleashes female furry upon the undead. 

28. Goosebumps 

Goosebumps Trailer

Zach Cooper was having a rough time adjusting to moving into a small town until he becomes smitten by his next-door neighbor Hannah who just so happens to be the daughter of famed Goosebumps author R.L. Stein. In an attempt to connect with Hannah Zach ventures into her home and accidentally unleashes the monsters from the books upon the small town and must now join forces with his crush and her father to return the beats to their books and save their town from impending doom. 

27. Scanners 

Scanners Trailer

A special group of humans has been blessed with unbelievable powers of telepathy and telekinesis. While some of the secret people use their powers for good, others plan to use their gifts for a much more sinister goal. 

26. Cloverfield 

Cloverfeild Trailer

A monstrous creature has appeared out of nowhere and is demolishing New York City in the wake of its monstrous rampage. In the middle of all the chaos and destruction, a group of friends finds themselves struggling for survival and documenting their frightening experience on a small video camera.  

25. Dog Soldiers 

Dog Soldiers Trailer

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, Sergeant Harry Wells and his team of reluctant soldiers trudge on into the wilderness on what should have been a routine expedition. However bloody carcasses begin showing up and the group stumbles upon the remains of another squad that appears to have been ripped to shreds by an unknown enemy. The group soon realizes that they may be the next victims in a bloody killing spree. 

24. Predator

Predetor Trailer

Hired by the U.S. government to rescue a group of politicians that have been stranded deep in the jungles of Guatemala, Dutch and his team make the trek down south to rescue them. Upon their arrival, the team finds dozens of corpses and begins to suspect that there may be more dangers lurking in the trees. To the group's horror, they come to realize that they are being hunted down by an alien apex Predator with supernatural powers. 

23. I Saw the Devil 

I Saw the Devil Trailer

Secret agent Kim Soo-Hyeon is devastated to learn that his loving fiance has just been brutally murdered by a devious taxi driver Kyung-Chul and he sets out to seek his revenge. When he finally identifies his target it boils down to a dangerous game in which the two men must fight to the death in a battle of wits and strength. 

22. Troll Hunter 

Troll Hunter Trailer

Three student filmmakers venture into Norway to investigate a string of illegal poaching reports and run into Hans, who claims to work for the Norwegian government carrying out a deadly task. The students tag along hoping to solve their case and learn what secrets Hansa may be hiding. Unfortunately the creatures Hans hunts for the government turn out to be monstrous trolls who are notorious for consuming humans whole.  

21. Little Monsters 

Little Monsters Trailer

A zombie outbreak has overtaken a small town in the middle of a children’s field trip. With the oncoming hordes their school teacher has no choice but to defend her kids from the rising hordes and keep them calm at the same time. 

20. Crawl 

Crawl Trailer

Florida has been hit with a massive category 5 hurricane and the governor has ordered all the residents of a small town and surrounding area to evacuate. Haley however goes back home in the midst of the storm, looks for her missing father Dave and finds him after being trapped in the basement when a surge of flood waters barricades them in. Stuck in the confines of their home with no hope of rescue from anyone else, Haley promises to get her and her father to safety but soon realizes that there may be something else lurking in the murky waters of their home. 

19. They Live 

They Live Trailer

Wandering the streets of Los Angeles searching for a greater meaning in his life, Nada discovers a mysterious pair of sunglasses that have the magical ability to show him the world as it really is. He soon discovered that the government is being controlled by extraterrestrial monsters that pump out subliminal messages in the media to keep the public unaware as they plan their world domination. 

18. 28 Days Later 

28 Days Later Trailer

A group of determined animal rights activists have broken into a carefully guarded medical laboratory to free a caged chimp that is rumoured to be infected with a mysterious virus known as the “Rage”. The chimp escapes the facility and attacks numerous unsuspecting people who further infect others, spreading the virus across London. What few people are left unharmed by the virus struggle to survive in the wasteland that used to be a bustling metropolis. 

17. Upgrade 

Upgrade Trailer

Grey Trace was left paralyzed and crushed after being brutally mugged by a group of burtes. He is also devastated to learn that his beloved wife was killed in the struggle. When all hope seems lost Grey is offered an experimental cure called STEM and after waking up from the surgery he realizes that not only has the implant completely healed his once broken body, but it has given him supernatural abilities that he can now use to hunt down his wife’s murderers. 

16. Tremors 

Tremors Trailer

Val McKee and Earl Bassett run into a series of mutilated corpses on their way out of town and are baffled as to what could have caused the chaos. They meet seismologist Finn Carter who becomes convinced that there’s something monstrous lurking beneath the surface. 

15. Don’t Breathe 

Don't Breathe Trailer

Three professional thieves set their sights on the home of their next target, an older blind veteran who is rumored to have gotten a huge payout after winning a lawsuit. The group assumes that this will be a quick and easy job considering the man’s disability and venture into the home late at night when they are sure he’s asleep. Once inside the trio come to the startling conclusion that they have met their match in the darkness of the house.

14. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Trailer

On the outskirts of his hometown, Pietari is convinced that what is being disguised as a mining experiment is really the mythical tomb of Santa Claus. However several children in the town soon turn up missing and in their place are the mutilated corpses of reindeer which leads the boy to believe that the miners in the mountains may have awoken a not so jolly St. Nick. 

13. Overlord 

Overlord Trailer

With the critical invasion of Normandy quickly approaching, a troop of American soldiers venture into the countryside to destroy a radio transmitter hidden in a fortified church deep in Nazi controlled territory. Once inside the church the soldiers realize that the Nazis are running more than a secret radio operation within the walls. Venturing into the depths of the basement they discover a horrific laboratory and are forced to fight off hordes of undead Nazis. 

12. Mandy 

Mandy Trailer

Red Miller and Mandy Bloom lead a peaceful life off the grid in the 1980’s, away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. When a mysterious cult overruns their woodland haven and takes Mandy, Red must then venture out of his norm to rescue her before it's too late. 

11. 10 Cloverfield Lane 

10 Cloverfeild Lane Trailer

Michelle may have survived the car accident that almost killed her, but she must now survive the newest threat to her life. When waking up from her accident she finds herself deep underground in a mysterious bunker with two equally concerning men. They tell her that the air on the surface has become unbreathable and that the only way to survive is to stay in the buker with them but Michele becomes frightened by them and wants to escape. During her attempt she discovers what is really happening on the surface that has sent her companions underground. 

10. Zombieland 

Zombieland Trailer

In an effort to escape the rising hordes of a zombie outbreak, four survivors make their way across the wasteland in hopes of reaching a safe house in Los Angeles. Along the way the group must stick together and sharpen their zombie slaying skills if they are to ever survive the dangerous trek. 

9. Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk Trailer

Sheriff Franklin Hunt has gotten word that a strange clan of cave dwellers has taken three people captive. He assembles a posse to go out into the desert to locate the cave and rescue the hostages but once they are out in the wilderness it becomes clear that the rescue mission will be much harder than they had thought. 

8. The Cabin in the Woods 

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Five college friends decide to take a much needed woodland vacation in a remote cabin to relax and unwind, but their quaint little trip soon turns more deadly. Each of the young adults falls victim to the sinister games of two scientists who are manipulating the cabin and the monsters surrounding it deep in the woods. The friends must now fight for survival if they are ever to return from the forest alive. 

7. Shaun of the Dead 

Shaun of the Dead Trailer

Shaun has finally been given the chance to prove himself to his girlfriend and the world when a zombie outbreak overtakes his small town. He decides to take control of his life and fight to the death to protect those he loves and put an end to the bloody battle upon them, venturing out into the streets to slay the undead.  

6. The Host 

The Host Trailer

Instead of carefully disposing of dangerous chemicals, a group of American military personnel dump the toxic waste into the Han River in South Korea. Several years after the incident a mutated monster emerges from the depths of the river and takes Park Gang-Doo’s daughter as it’s captive. He knows that no one else will want to venture into the River to save the girl so he takes matters into his own hands and leads a family expedition to rescue his daughter before it’s too late. 

5. Train to Busan 

Train to Busan Trailer

A man and his young daughter board a train in South Korea in a bid to escape an upcoming zombie outbreak. INstead of the safe haven they had hoped for, the train becomes a speeding death trap and the two and all the other passengers realize that they must band together if they have any chance of surviving the chaos. 

4. Dawn of the Dead 

Dawn of the Dead Trailer

Ana’s husband is killed in a violent attack by one of their neighbors who has been turned into a violent zombie and she just barely escapes to safety with Officer Kenneth. The two venture off in search of safety in numbers and join forces with another group of survivors in hopes of avoiding the packs of zombies. Once together the group realizes that they all must band together to fight off the zombies to save their town. 

3. Evil Dead 2 

Evil Dead 2 Trailer

Trapped in a secluded cabin Ash Williams fights off the rising hordes of demons while protecting his girlfriend from the evil. Inside the cabin he finds a mysterious audio recording of a strange voice reading passages from the Book of the Dead. To his horror Ash discovers that the voices on the tape have caused his girlfriend to become possessed by malevolent spirits and he is on his own against the forces of evil in the woods. 

2. Aliens 

Aliens Trailer

Lt. Ripley's spacecraft has been found after floating in deep space for more than 57 years by a salvage team. On board they find the only survivor, Newt, a young girl all alone on the craft. As they investigate the spaceship further the team discovers that it has been overrun by hundreds of the fearsome aliens who are searching for more human hosts. 

1. Alien 

Alien Trailer

Awakened from their cryosleep mid journey, the crew aboard the Nostromo is baffled by a staragne SOS signal from an alien ship. Cautiously boarding the ship the crew finds dozens of alien eggs and things begin to go horribly wrong when a few of the mysterious capsules begin to hatch. 


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