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30- Florinda Zanetti

Cosplay by Florinda Zanetti

Warriors of all kind reign in the world of ESO. Some may call them barbarians, others may look at them as mighty titans ready for war. Such strengths are portrayed in this picture as the warrior prepares for battle.

29- Winter Kelly

Cosplay by Winter Kelly

Elegance among the realm of skyrim is ever so intriguing. Another form of a warrior that can withstand the taunts of the climates. Her beauty and grace lures her enemies to their doom.

28- Black Butterfly

Cosplay by Black Butterfly

Another Dark elf portrayed in all its magnificence! They hold on to strong willpower and are very stubborn creatures. They love to stay with their clan and are very protective of their homeland.

27- Lyddi Design

Cosplay by Lyddi Design

Another warrior in all its beauty portrayed in elegance, waits eagerly for her enemies to trample on her battleground. Beauty can be a misleading disguise! So brace yourself whenever you come across this warrior beauty!

26- Vikkiie Voltage

Cosplay by Vikkiie Voltage

A Nightblade once again makes the top 50! They are just so inspiring and magnificent, one couldn't possibly just have one cosplay of a nightblade! Beauty, strength, and integrity all in one picture... isn’t it remarkable?

25- Elena-Nerium Oleander

Cosplay by Elena-Nerium Oleander

And now... Here is our first vampire! But this isn't just an ordinary vampire from ESO.. This is the mother of the blood suckers. She comes from the wretched Molag Bal himself! That's right.. she’s his daughter!! Shrines have been made in her name all over Tamriel , and unlike her father, she just wants to live in peace and not be labeled a monster!

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