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20- Fin Cosplay

Cosplay by Fin-Cosplay

Another Dovahkiin uniquely created by another talented artist of the cosplay field. It signifies the main attributes of a Dovahkiin quite nicely throughout the cosplay by its stature and elegance. Very well put together and illustrated makes it number 18 on our countdown.

19- SFLiminality

Cosplay by SFLiminality

Forsworn cosplays are in abundance on our count down, but this one is unlike the others. It gives off the sensation of an intense battle and the recuperation of the Forsworm maiden. Very well done, SFLiminality!

18- Emily Rosa (Dark Faun)

Cosplay by Emily Rosa

Ms. Rosa strikes again with her version of a black faun originating from the land of Skyrim. So articulate and precise, that you would think this is an actual creature IRL. Another remarkable cosplay Ms. Rosa. Kudos!

17- Zombiebitme

Cosplay by Zombiebitme

We have had a lot of Dovahkiin warriors on this count down, but this cosplay is by far the most elegant of all. Zombiebitme is clearly showing the bright side of what is supposed to be dark. You have to have some creativeness about you to pull this one off!

16- BlackOwl Studios

Cosplay by BlackOwl Studios

Orcs are the badasses of the Elder Scrolls who are massive warriors with a tight hold on their clans. The cosplayer, as seen in the pictures above, has miraculously brought an Orc to real life! I  sure wouldn't want to get in an Orc’s way that’s for sure.... especially a female one!

15- Elena Orlander (Argonian)

Cosplay by Elena Orlander

Argonians are a lizard race in ESO community. They make the best Templars (which are the massive healers in the ESO world), and are very swift in waters. Elena has captured the felmale Argonian to massive proportions which shows us her true skills, not only as a cosplayer, but as an artist as a whole.

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