[Top 10] Metro Exodus Best Armor Upgrades That Are Useful (Ranked)

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Metro Exodus requires more than just picking up guns and shooting anything that moves. You might find something useful, like a metal detector that can find ammo and other valuables. I'll be discussing the numerous upgrades that you’ll find throughout the game.

10. Bright Flashlight Upgrade

A flashlight of doom!

I don’t think this is the most helpful upgrade out there but I guess it can help you out while searching for ammunition, filters, and other fancy gadgets. Keep in mind that flashlights can alert other enemies and get you killed and you should only use them if you know that you’re safe. 

They can also be used to scare off mutants but it won’t work on all of them.

How to get the flashlight upgrade:

  • First, you need to get to the Caspian part of the game
  • Travel SOUTH-WEST from the lighthouse
  • You should find a small boat and that’s where the flashlight is going to be.

Why this upgrade is awesome:

  • This causes some mutants to run away, perhaps they have low self-esteem
  • Decent range
  • Useful for darker maps
  • Also decent if you’re looking for items scattered around

9. Compass Upgrade

The first upgrade you’ll stumble upon.

Since the very first game, we have had the trusty compass. We know where we are going and rarely get lost because of it. You'll use it frequently, and if you're a younger fella, you might even learn something about using a compass! 

Where to get it:

It’s located in the first location of the game, simply follow a railway till you reach a crashed airplane, then get inside the cockpit and pick it up.

Why it’s useful:

  • You don’t have to open your map as much, which saves you time
  • Helps you locate certain areas
  • The small arrowhead points you to your objective
  • The red arrowhead tells you about your current location
  • It looks shiny and it makes you look like Bear Grylls…

8. Battery Charge Upgrade

A good thing to have!

This upgrade increases the lifespan of your night vision equipment and flashlight. This is crucial if, like me, you are too frightened to walk through the woods without any light. Although this improvement seems wonderful, you must solve a puzzle to obtain it.

How to get it:

First, you need to haul your butt to the southern parts of Volga and find an island with a small house. The house doors won’t open, thus you’ll need to grab a fuel canister with you to start the generator. Afterward, there’s gonna be a puzzle which is a mild annoyance but it’s worth the upgrade!

Why it’s awesome:

  • Keeps your flashlight running for more time
  • The same thing applies to your night vision goggles
  • And… pretty much anything that has batteries!

7. Motion Scanner Upgrade

Perfect for sneaky boiz.

This tool warns you when attackers are around; it comes in handy if you're sneaking about or planning an ambush. This item makes it easier to sneak past foes without killing anyone if you're opting for a pacifist playthrough.

How to get it:

It’s located in the northern parts of the Caspian area. There should be an abandoned base, simply climb up the ladders to the highest floor and pick it up from a table!

Why it’s awesome:

  • Allows you to sneak past your enemies
  • It can save your life if you’re heading toward someone that you’re not even aware of
  • It simply alerts you about nearby enemies!

6. Night Vision Goggles Upgrade

Not meant for daily activities.

We all know that night vision goggles make it possible to see things—both people and monsters—more clearly at night.  Thanks to this upgrade, you can now score easier headshots at night, plus you look cool as heck with dem things on your eyes!

How to get it:

This upgrade is located in the far eastern parts of Volga, inside of a terminal. The goggles should be located on a table.

Why they’re awesome:

  • Makes night combat a lot easier
  • Useful for sneaking, don’t wanna step on a Nosalis
  • Allows you to spot multiple targets at once

5. Filter upgrade

Can never find one when I need one…

It’s a filter with a far longer lifespan than the previously equipped filter. It’s a big lifesaver if you want more time to explore an area or just have a less stress-inducing time throughout the game.

How to get it:

This upgrade is located in the central part of the Volga map inside of a bunker. The filter is located on a table.

Why it’s amazing:

  • Allows you to discover more areas without worrying about air
  • The game becomes less stressful, as you don’t have to worry about crappy filters
  • Far longer lifespan than the standard filter
  • Even better at harder difficulties

4. Ammo Pouch Upgrade

For moar ammunition.

You may carry more magazines in this bag for your Sammys, AKs, Stallions, and other weapons you may be carrying. You don't have to discard spare magazines anymore because this bag provides more ammunition, which is always great!

How to get it:

There’s a prison located in the northeast part of the Volga map, the ammo pouch upgrade can be found close to the rear exit of the prison. 

Why it’s awesome:

  • Allows you to carry more ammunition
  • This applies to all types of weapons(Rifles, pistols, SMGs, etc)
  • You don’t have to deal with the resentment of leaving ammunition behind

3. NVD Amplifiers

Lovely piece of gear!

You have heat vision, as opposed to night vision. This enables you to transform into a predator, much like in that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. You can use this to hunt other people and monsters, but you can't skin them alive and yell ominously from atop a hill!

How to get it:

Go to the southeast part of the Caspian and there should be an empty air control center, go to the top floor and get yourself the NVD amplifier.

Why it’s an awesome thing to have:

  • You can use this both day and night
  • You can now LARP as a predator
  • It’s an improved version of the night goggles, a massive improvement!

2. Consumables Carrier Upgrade

Another lifesaver!

This enables you to carry additional items like medkits, filters, and other practical consumables. More medkits will keep you alive for longer, and more filters equal more oxygen to breathe, making this one of the most crucial upgrades to acquire. Lovely!

How to get it:

It’s in the Caspian zone, located slightly above the air control center, where you found the NVD amplifiers. The upgrade is located in a cave and that’s where you’ll find it.

Why this is awesome:

  • Moar medkits for you to carry, Artyom becomes more bullet spongy
  • The same applies to the gas mask filters
  • Overall, a useful thing to have - makes the playthrough less stressful

1. Reinforced Helmet Upgrade

Apply to the head.

Since Metro Exodus is a really challenging game and you won’t have a good time without a good helmet. You might have trouble surviving damage even on normal difficulties, which is an even more of a reason to locate and put on this helmet. It increases your chances of surviving in dangerous circumstances and is undoubtedly superior to a plain helmet.

How to get it:

You have to be in the Volga. The helmet is located in an abandoned building, in the southeastern part of the map(right next to fisherman’s island). You can get to the building by a bridge or a boat - up to ya!

Why this helmet is the best thing ever:

  • Can withstand more damage than a regular helmet
  • Especially useful in higher difficulties
  • It looks pretty cool, ngl

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