[Top 11] Metro Exodus Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

They come out at night…

I played every game in the Metro series, but Exodus was my favorite. The main cause of this is the weaponry; I adore their noises, realism, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from headshotting other gullible Ruskies.

We'll go over the top 12 weapons in the game, explain why they rank so highly, how they function, and why you should certainly try them. Let's start with...

11. Ashot

More like Ass-shot… get it?

Ashot is a rather primitive-looking weapon, although it can obliterate anyone who faces this thing. It’s a useful handgun, often used in close-quarter combat but keep in mind that missing your shots is gonna bite you in the ass. Pick your targets carefully, aim&shoot. 

Best attachments for this weapon:

  • Four barrels - it increases your firepower by adding four barrels to your revolver, which can save you if you’re a bad shot
  • Heavy Grip - allows you to control your recoil better, which goes well with the Four barrels customization


  • High firepower
  • Average accuracy
  • Low rate of fire

Why is Ashot decent:

  • A decent secondary shotgun if modified
  • Useful at close to medium distances
  • High damage output from close range
  • Satisfying as hell firing sounds
  • Can also be equipped with a suppressor if sneaking is your kind of thing

How to get this weapon:


10. Bastard

The Sobaka gun.

The Bastard is quite similar to a street dog, it most likely has rabies and attacks rapidly. Seriously, this gun has probably the highest fire rate of all weapons in this game and although it may seem OP, there are issues with this gun - it doesn’t perform well at far distances and it deals average damage if you’re shooting below the waist. 

Frankly, this weapon can be used for sneaky gameplay and a full-on Rambo rampage. Just keep in mind that this gun tends to jam - carry a useful secondary gun and you’ll be good!

Best attachments for this weapon:

  • Heavy stock - The bastard has a horrible recoil and this modification greatly fixes that issue
  • Suppressor - Self-explanatory, useful for sneaky gameplay


  • Medium damage
  • Medium accuracy, depending on whether you’re firing full-auto or in short bursts
  • Extremely high rate of fire

Why the Bastard is decent:

  • A high rate of fire can easily overwhelm your enemies
  • Not the BEST weapon for sneaking but it’ll do if you don’t have any other ones
  • The accuracy is considered “bad”, although it seems accurate enough if fired with short bursts
  • Good for suppressive fire
  • Decent amount of bullets per mag

9. Revolver

The Arthur Morgan gun.

The classic revolver. It can be used for close-quarter combat but can also be modified into a weird, sniper-revolver… if that makes any sense. The reload is pretty slow and it can be a nightmare if you’re surrounded by enemies, thus it’s important to pick your targets carefully and make sure your shots don’t miss. In summary, become Arthur Morgan.

Best attachments for this weapon:

Suppressor - this weapon has the potential to be used as a “sniper rifle”, thus adding a suppressor to this revolver makes it a relatively capable long-distance weapon

4X sight - useful for hitting targets from further distances, goes well with the suppressor


  • High damage output
  • High to medium accuracy, depending on your modifications
  • Low rate of fire, although it’s not that big of a deal if you’re playing as a sniper

Why this weapon is dope:

  • Powerful weapon at short distances
  • Can also be modified into a sniper weapon
  • Acceptable accuracy at further distances
  • Plenty of useful modifications are available
  • You can LARP as Arthur Morgan in a Metro game!

How to find it:


8. Stallion


A handgun with badass visuals and an even more badass name. It’s a semi-automatic pistol with a far better rate of fire than the previously mentioned handguns. Headshots are obviously lethal, and shots to the chest are less lethal but the gun still does its job. 

Best attachments for this weapon:

  • Long barrel with full auto - it transitions your Stallion to full auto, although you might want to use the 32-round magazine
  • Reflex sight - useful for aiming if you hate the iron sights


  • Medium to high damage
  • Semi-automatic handgun, with a decent rate of fire
  • Above-average reload speed

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Decent accuracy, especially if you modify it
  • Different magazine types(7, 16, 32 rounds)
  • Can also be a useful tool for assassinations/sneaking
  • Can be semi but also fully automatic
  • Looks badass

More info:


7. Valve


It’s a sniper rifle. Highly effective at long distances, although if you’re a psychopath or a hipster, you could try attaching a reflex sight and try some close-quarter combat. In any case, Volvo is a 1-shot monster, capable of 1-shotting all humans and most monsters. 

Best attachments for this rifle:

  • Flash suppressor - Increases the accuracy and greatly reduces the recoil
  • X4 sights - Makes aiming extremely easy at long distances


  • High damage
  • Superb accuracy
  • Low rate of fire

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Excellent at long distances
  • Very high damage output
  • Allows for safe positioning, and can change your location if you’re spotted
  • You can get a 10-round magazine if you need more ammunition

Where to find it:


6. Uboinik

A shotgun with a revolver cylinder?

That’s pretty much Uboinik for ya. It’s probably one of the most well-known weapons in the whole Metro series and rightfully so. Uboinik performs extremely well in tight environments and can easily run through lined-up enemies. Keep in mind that if you get too excited, you will easily run out of ammo with this thing and end up in trouble. 

Best attachments for Uboinik:

  • Heavy stock and grip - Provides a large bonus to stability, useful for a semi-automatic shotty
  • Box magazine - adds a 20-round magazine to your Uboinik - you can expect a massacre in close combat!


  • High rate of fire
  • Decent damage output
  • Low to medium accuracy

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Causes havoc and immediate extermination of enemies in close proximity
  • Can be equipped with ammo mags of different sizes, depending on what playstyle you wish to play
  • Decent accuracy for a shotgun
  • Can be equipped with a silencer, lol
  • High rate of fire

Where to find it:


5. Sammy

Is that a female or male name?

Sammy can be equipped with magazines up to 100 rounds. You can either use this thing for standard, tactical dogfighting or a full Rambo playstyle - totally up to you. It’s also worth mentioning that Sammy is capable of carrying fire rounds, which are highly effective against hairy monsters that you approach throughout the game!

Best attachments for Samantha:

  • High-capacity magazine - allows you to shoot 100 rounds, goes well with incendiary ammunition
  • Automatic system - useful if you’re an average Rambo enjoyer


  • Average damage(slightly less than Kalash)
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Okayish accuracy

Why is this weapon awesome:

  • Can be equipped with various magazines
  • Can also be equipped with incendiary ammunition
  • Although the damage is considered to be medium, this weapon can still be rather deadly due to the massive ammo count
  • X6 scope can be used for some sniperino gameplay here and there

How to find it:


4. Bulldog

Woof woof!

Another lovely piece of weapon, useful at pretty much all ranges but it is an absolute pain in the butt to look for modifications for this weapon. It’s a lot similar to the classic Kalashnikov, although it’s slightly different in terms of damage, rate of fire, and general look of the weapon. 

Best attachments for this weapon:

  • Heavy stock and grip - Vastly improves your recoil control
  • Standard barrel and compensator - improves your damage output+accuracy, at a small expense of the stability of the gun


  • Above-average damage
  • High accuracy
  • Medium rate of fire(lesser than the AK)

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • 20,30,45 and 60-round magazines pave the way for various playstyles
  • Decent accuracy can be further improved with modifications
  • The damage is good, I guess. Surely better than the Kalash
  • The weapon feels pleasant to play with
  • Can be equipped with plenty of modifications

More info:


3. Helsing

For edgy vampire hunters.

It’s a crossbow that deals… a complicated amount of damage. There were times when I’d hit directly someone in the head with this thing and it would deal no damage at all or times when I’d instantly kill everything that moves.

The ammo is easy to find for this weapon, and it’s also naturally quiet, making this one of the best weapons for stealth gameplay. Effective at close to medium ranges, although the trajectory of arrows begins to suffer at long distances. 

The best attachments for this weapon:

  • Pneumatic bow system - Improves the rate of fire for Helsing. More bolts to fire, the better.
  • Twin bow - deals even more damage to opponents, although it may seem a bit of an overkill.


  • High damage output, although this gun tends to bug out sometimes
  • Average reload speed
  • Decent accuracy at close to medium distances

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • One of my favorite weapons for sneaky gameplay
  • Powerful damage against opponents, both humans&mutants
  • Damage depends on the pumping mechanic
  • Ammo for this weapon is easy enough to find
  • Probably the most unique weapon in the game

More info:


2. Tihar

How can a BB gun deal so much damage?

Tihar is a weapon that was available in all Metro games, some players consider this to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game. I disagree with that - the reload speed, and accuracy is awesome but the damage heavily relies on the pressure of the weapon. If the pressure is too low, the projectiles will deal lackluster amounts of damage. If you pump the weapon too much, it may let out a hissing sound, which will alert nearby opponents. Overall, it’s a decent weapon loved by many!

The best attachments for this weapon:

  • The railgun modification can be rather deadly and that’s putting it lightly…
  • Automatic pneumatic system - refills your weapon with air, useful if you have weak biceps.


  • Damage is reliant on the pressure of the weapon
  • Superb accuracy
  • Superb rate of fire

Why is this weapon awesome:

  • Can 1-shot everything if you’re wary of the pressure levels
  • Surprisingly decent accuracy for a gun that shoots BB pellets
  • Excellent rate of fire, although it doesn’t work well with the air pressure mechanic
  • Can be used for pretty much all playstyles, aka sniping, sneaking, regular combat
  • A very long list of upgrades to pick from

Where to find it:


1. Kalash

The best weapon?....

In my opinion, it is. I think this is the most common weapon in the game, the damage is decent and gets the job done at close to medium distances but if you take the time to modify this weapon, it can sometimes be effective at longer distances. It’s also worth adding that the gun doesn’t jam as much!

When it comes to magazines, the Kalash can be attached with 20,30,45, and 75-round magazines, which can make gameplay a bit more diverse. The weapon allows you to be a typical grunt, perhaps a machine gunner or a low-tier sniper - it’s up to you!

Best attachments for this AK:

  • Short barrel and suppressor - Makes your gun somewhat quiet, making it possible to be a sneaky asshole here and there
  • High-capacity magazine - allows you to fire 75 rounds per magazine. You know what that means… POW POW POW POW POW POW


  • Damage output is above-average
  • Medium accuracy
  • High rate of fire

Why is this weapon awesome:

  • Multitask weapon
  • Relatively decent damage
  • Accuracy is average but can be improved with modifications
  • Different magazine types
  • This weapon is pretty much a jack of all trades, works great in all aspects but doesn’t master anything in particular

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