[Top 15] Best Survival Horror Games

Back off, creeps!

Looking for some heart pounding thrills? Ghoulish monsters, freaky freaks or creepy creeps? You’re in luck! Today, we’ve put together a list of our top 15 favorite Survival Horror games, and we’re sure to have something that might interest you!

Whether it's sneaking past killer robots and zombies or  fighting to survive in the haunted woods or even space, We’ve got the game for you. 


15. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is the newest in the long line of Survival Horror masterpieces from the Resident Evil franchise. 

In game, you’ll take control of special agent Leon Kennedy, sent to a seemingly quiet town in Spain to rescue the president’s daughter. But, the deeper you go, the more you'll realize that things here are far from quiet. Armed with only a few bullets, your wits and some luck, you’ll have to fight your way past zombies, cultists, zombie cultists, and even a giant zombie shark. (which is exactly as terrifying as you’d imagine).

The Resident Evil franchise is known for its ability to draw you into terrifying settings and never letting go until you finally escape its clutches, and very few of the series do it better than this game!

No thanks!


14. Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest is a Survival Horror game set after a plane crash, where you’ll be tasked with braving the elements, setting up a base, and, of course, dealing with whatever monsters are lurking around at night. 

In game, you’ll have to gather your own resources, from timber to build a home to weapons to defend yourself at night. All the while, you’ll be searching into abandoned research stations and caves, looking for a way off the island and uncovering far more than what you thought you’d find. 

Sons of the Forest excels at Player Freedom, letting you decide where you want to build, when you want to engage with the story’s terrifying mysteries, and whether or not you’d like to fight the enemies or run for the hills!

Nice mask!


13. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a Multiplayer Survival Horror Shooter, set in the haunted swamps of Louisiana.

You and your team will have to cut your way through the swamps in hot pursuit of supernatural bounties, which could be anything from some good ol’ swamp zombies to twisted monsters that will have you worried for the designer's mental well being. (Not to mention the enemy teams, all gunning for the same goals!)

Hunt: Showdown excels at tight, tense action, where a single well placed bullet or a sneaky trap will quickly put your story to a sudden end. Pick it up today, and keep an eye out for nasties!

I don’t even want to know how much bug spray that’ll take to kill


12. Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a Survival Horror game all about driving through apocalyptic landscapes in your beat-up car. 

In the game, you’ll be set into the supernatural terrors of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Armed with only your car and (hopefully) the ability to drive away from danger real, real fast. 

You’ll have to do everything you can do to make it through the zone, managing fuel and parts for your car alongside other resources. This game is unique on the list for its fun, original concept, and when you aren’t getting chased down and scared for your life, it can be oddly cozy to play through. 

Sometimes things get a little DIY on the road

11. Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer Survival Horror game, where one person plays as a variety of killers, and the other players are on the run as survivors, completing objectives and staying out of sight to escape. 

Dead By Daylight is massively popular, and regularly receives new characters to play as and maps to play in. The game is unique for its ability to play as both the monster and the survivor, as well as an in-depth system of perks and powers to choose from to keep matches interesting. 

Watch out!

10. Dead Space Remake

The remake of the Survival Horror masterpiece Dead Space is all about crawling and fighting your way through a lost spaceship after you get stranded, fighting off monsters and madmen while you try to get things running again. 

You’ll play as engineer Issac Clarke, fighting against a series of horrific monsters, all intent on stabbing you or converting you to become one of them! (most of the enemies you’ll tun across aren’t too picky about which one comes first)

This game is unique for its distinct sense of ewww gross that you get when you have to crunch some nasty critter under your foot to finish a fight, as well as its constantly tense gameplay and story, where not everything is as it seems. 

Aim for the limbs!

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the game, not the movie) is a tense, horrifying experience about playing as either the killers or the survivors of the hit horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, running around an incredibly detailed map to hunt your victims down or escape your attackers. 

When playing, think Dead By Daylight, but more detailed, focused on one map with more intricacies in the map. 

We love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for its wonderful tense of detail, surprisingly faithful to the iconic horror movie while still being free to make its own choices. Keep an eye out, and watch for people with chainsaws out there!



8. Metro Exodus

Metro: Exodus is a Survival Horror shooter with a focus on its story. 

In the game, you’ll have to  tip-toe your way through an abandoned Russia, after a mysterious apocalypse upends everything. You live in the metro tunnels underneath Moscow, and it’s your job to venture up to the surface to collect resources and take out baddies, but watch out when you're out and about, because someone is certainly watching. 

We love Metro: Exodus for its unique approach to its premise, allowing for horror to happen naturally while playing, as opposed to scripted events and jumpscares. (not to say there aren’t any, so be prepared to fall out of your chair a few times).

That guy needs to floss



BIGFOOT is a survival horror game all about…Bigfoot, obviously.

You’ll play as part of a team of hunters armed with a variety of guns and tools, and you’ll be set into the woods with the goal of finally proving the existence of Bigfoot. But, as you might gather, Bigfoot himself is not a big fan of yours, and once he figures out you’re looking for him, he’ll start hunting you just as much as you’re hunting him. 

We love this game for its ability to manage fun and horrors, where you’ll be having an adventure with friends one minute and screaming through the woods the next. 

Get him!

6. Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is a Survival Horror game about escaping from the Chuck-e-cheese knockoff from hell. 

You’ll play as Gregory, a kid who gets trapped inside the infamous Pizzaplex entertainment park after hours. He quickly discovers that the animatronics have a tendency to get a  little…quirky…after hours, and getting killed by a crocodile robot with snazzy glasses is completely on the table now. 

We love this one for its focus on executing its premise, making the monstrous robots determined to track you down, (as well as a few other bad guys, but we won’t spoil the surprise) surprisingly sympathetic. And if you’ve played the previous games and happen to be wondering how this connects, rest assured, He Always Comes Back!

Hi there!

5. Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is a horror game about surviving a zombie outbreak, all the while being tracked down by a mysterious monster only grown as Nemesis.

In the game, you’ll play as Jill Valentine, ex-soldier of a mysterious organization and now a zombie survivor. The game is fast paced, and from the moment Nemesis kicks down your door in the opening to when you run for it at the end, you’ll be locked in for a tense survival experience. 

We love Resident Evil 3 for its fun twist on a zombie story and its inventory mechanics, requiring you to manage your very small ability to carry things while having to juggle a number of key items. 

That's one durable fence

4. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a Survival Horror game about surviving through nightmarish dreamscapes and fever dreams, trying to track down the trapped spirit  of your daughter after her meritorious imprisonment. 

In game, you’ll play as a worn down detective, drawn back into mystery once again reluctantly, and forced to go up against a variety of psychos and monsters to make it out. 

The Evil Within 2 is a fun mix of action and horror, with some of the creepiest monster designs we’ve seen in recent history, as well as hauntingly beautiful environments and set pieces to play through. (It really does have to be seen to be believed)

Now would be a great time to start running


WORLD OF HORROR is a Survival Horror RPG, set in japan as a mysterious apocalypse slowly closes in. 

You’ll be under a tight time limit, and if you get exposed to too many monsters too quickly, you might get drawn in the end even faster, so watch out. Investigate a variety of mysteries (you’ll have to replay the game a few times to see 'em all!) and 

We love WORLD OF HORROR for its unique approach to Survival Horror, managing to terrify and invest you in its world even through its storm of menus and drop down windows.

Well, you don’t expect to see that too often. 


2. Darkwood

Darkwood is a top-down mystery game, where the horrors come at night and you’ll have to stay away from shadows and stay inside after dark or face the horrifying consequences.

In the game, you’ll play as a mysterious survivor trapped in a creepy forest,  where something is always watching from the shadows. Scavenge for supplies during the day and hide at night, and try to solve the mysteries of the forest as fast as you can, before it's too late!

We love Darkwood for its constant creepy atmosphere, lacking jumpscares but still managing to horrify at every step. 

He doesn't seem to be doing too well. 

1. Aliens: Fireteam Elite

In Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you'll join a team of elite mercenaries with the goal of hunting down highly dangerous aliens, but don’t be fooled by the premise, this is still very much a Survival Horror game. 

Gunfights are highly destructive and tense, where every shot counts and every kiss means another alien on its way to kill your team. 

We love Aliens: Fireteam Elite for its ability to be a high action game while still scaring you at times, as well as the unique monster designs from one of the scariest Sci-fi movies of all time. 

On your right!

That was our list of the Best Survival Horror games on the market! What did you think? Feel like we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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