10 Reasons Why Metro Exodus Provides an Immersive Experience

Your gas mask is leaking? Better use some duct tape!

We all enjoy realism in video games, and Metro Exodus is one such title that offers a high level of realism together with atmosphere and action. We’re gonna discuss some of the most realistic features and explain why they’re awesome. Without further ado, let’s get on with the list:

10. You can seal your gas mask with duct tape

100% safe. Totally.

After suffering damage, you could occasionally discover small fractures in the glass component of your gas mask. If you take too much damage, there will be a hole on the left side of your screen. Additionally, it has a duct tape closure option, which is a fantastic feature even if I'm not sure how secure it would be in a real-life scenario.

9. Flashlight battery

It can end?!

Your flashlight's batteries will gradually run out, and it will simply provide less light. You'll be provided with a universal battery that will charge your flashlight so you won't have to waste time shopping for batteries or other pointless items. It will need to be pumped, which will enhance the functionality of your flashlight.

8. The characters

The post-apocalyptic gopniks.

Each character in Metro Exodus has their own personality, and depending on the circumstance, they express various emotions. You can even have discussions with them. One of such characters is the Idiot, whose philosophical lectures some people might find dull but I always thought to be intriguing. Yes, that is his real name. Remember, this is only one character!

7. No loading screens

They would be annoying as hell to deal with too!

There won't be any loading screens that appear out of nowhere when you explore areas like the Volga, Caspian, Taiga, and other levels. This makes it possible for you to move about easily and explore Metro Exodus's stunning landscape without bothersome interruptions. Maybe a Nosalis biting your ankles once in a while!

6. Limited guides

No hand-holding here!

A game like Metro Exodus won't constantly hold your hand and give you several pointers as you go. You'll have to work out a lot of stuff on your own, including how to make consumables like guns, ammo, and armor. Regular pop-ups may be bothersome!

5. Animations

There are a lot of them!

Weapon animations appear to be realistic, whether it’s reloading or shooting. Artyom also has plenty of death animations, they can happen when you run out of oxygen, perhaps you stay too long in a fire or you just get mauled by one of many mutants that you’ll encounter throughout your journey. Additionally, simple operations like securing your gas mask, using a first aid kit, or charging your batteries all have unique animations.

4. Enemy AI

2 smart 4 me!

In this game, the opposing AI may be quite difficult to defeat. Enemies won't just come at you aimlessly; instead, they'll hide, flush you out with explosives, advance when your HP is low, and overwhelm you with powerful weapons from all sides. Even on Normal mode, some players may find this challenging!

3. Sound design

Music for your ears!

You'll be able to hear your footsteps and the rustling of your gear as you go. The sounds of weapons being fired and reloaded are genuine, and the mutant creatures have their own growls, attacks, and death noises. The audio in this game is all authentic, contributes greatly to the atmosphere, and at times will keep you on edge of your seat while traveling through dark tunnels!

2. HUD

Minimalism at its finest!

Metro Exodus makes sure that your screen is not cluttered with useless garbage, which further provides an immersive experience. On harder difficulties, your HUD will be disabled completely and you’ll only be able to check your watch for various information, like the time or radiation levels. 

1. Weapons

They’re just awesome!

Weapons have realistic firing, as well as reload animations - the same thing applies to sounds. They can also jam, which can be problematic during skirmishes and you’ll have to unjam them or fix them at a bench. You can also put various attachments on them like lasers, that improve your aim from the hip. They’re fun to use, and require you to constantly look after them!

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