10 Bad Things About Metro Exodus And How It Could've Been Better

A few reasons!

Playing as Artyom in the renowned video game Metro Exodus is legendary. You're in a post-apocalyptic Russia where mutants will happily devour you for lunch and bandits are everywhere. The environment changes depending on where you are. Sometimes you can feel comfortable hanging out with the Aurora crew, and then all of a sudden you're in a dark tunnel and you can hear distant Nosalises roaring. You may locate a huge variety of weapons, attachments, and equipment across the planet, and you can also take part in an epic tale that will have you coming back to this game periodically.

But there are also problems that have been quite annoying for a lot of players. The point of this article today is to mention all the stupid things that we’ve hated about this game. Without further ado, let’s roll:

10. The difficulty

“Normal” difficulty is not normal.

Some seasoned players might think this is a weak justification, but younger players will be overwhelmed by the opposing AI and the value of gathering filters. Human adversaries are capable of hiding, throwing grenades, and even charging you. Even on Normal difficulty, they have a high damage per hit rate.

How it can be better:

  • Increase the odds of finding filters and medkits
  • Slightly reduce the amount of damage that you receive

9. Boss Fights

Big momma bear is here.

Knowing what to do while dealing with supervisors is another irritating issue. I put many magazines into the blasted thing during the bear confrontation in the Taiga chapter, and it kept going. I eventually understood that I needed to toss a couple of molotovs in order for it to finally piss off after kiting it for about 30 minutes.

There are also bugs that got me killed, being unable to move, some weird invisible walls, being unable to select weapons at times, and other such issues. 

How it can be better:

  • Giving out a better explanation of what to do in boss fights
  • Bug fixes 

8. Realism

B-b-b-bloody screen, SO REAL

In today's games, realism is significant, however too much realism can become tedious. It gets exhausting continually searching for filters, taking incredible amounts of damage, and having your rifle jam at the worst possible situations. While some gamers may find it to be immersive, others will find it to be quite bothersome.

How it can be better:

  • The best way is to draw a line between realism and fun - perhaps add difficulty or an option that could make the game more realistic/arcade’ish?

7. The soundtrack

Not as good as the previous games?

Simply said, I don't think Metro Exodus' soundtrack compares favorably to that of the earlier games. Perhaps I'm just one of the gamers that prefer the gloomy, less upbeat soundtrack to all the adventure-style music that Metro Exodus has to offer, but it still sounds fantastic but lacks the power of the soundtrack in Metro 2033.

How it can be better:

  • It would have been nice to include more dark-themed music that fits each situation

6. The Vehicles


A true lady magnet.

I got into too many jams when operating the Van in the Caspian region. It may become stuck on a stone, maybe I'd drive down a hill by mistake, or it might just get stuck and I'd have to start the chapter over. The most frustrating aspects of driving in Metro Exodus were by far the uneven terrain and issues I experienced.

How it can be fixed:

  • Fix the bugs that affect driving
  • Make the vehicles less prone to getting stuck on pebbles, rocks and other things
  • Give the option of unblocking your car, instead of being forced to restart the checkpoint

5. Filters

Suffocation is Artyom’s secret fetish. 

You won't ever be able to find one when you need one. This is particularly troublesome for inexperienced players, as they do not have the time to devote to exploration and may even become trapped in some areas of the game as a result of often running out of oxygen, forcing them to restart their checkpoint or chapter. Each time you raise the game's level, it gets tougher to find filters and other consumables.

How it can be fixed:

  • Filters at times can be easily found sometimes but there are parts in the game where you can’t find a single one - it would be awesome to slightly increase the chances of finding filters

4. Gun Jamming

*rage quit*

I dislike this mechanic for two reasons. First, the gun-jamming animations are lame when compared to old titles like Far Cry 2, in Metro Exodus you just reload the weapon. Second, nothing is more heart-stopping than losing your life because your pistol jammed twice in the space of five seconds, which was just enough time for a mutant to start gnawing on your face.

How it can be better:

Removing this mechanic would make me very happy. Or at least make the jamming animations more detailed, instead of just reloading the weapon.

3. FPS Issues

5 FPS gamers, stand up.

Problems with FPS occur when your game settings are too high or you simply enter sections of the game where you encounter massive drops in FPS. Encountering the Bear in the Taiga chapter with Hairworks enabled almost crashed my game but there were also parts where I’d break a bottle or move a prop and suddenly start playing on 20-30 FPS. Although performance issues have been mostly fixed in the past 3 years, they still occur.

How it can be better:

  • Fixing the remaining issues that affect the performance of the game

2. Stealth

Artyom is too much of a fatass to be sneaky.

In video games, stealth is usually fun, but in Metro Exodus, things may go weird. The AI may utterly screw up, your throwing knives might not even hurt your attackers, or your enemies might find you from a reasonable distance far too soon. The hitboxes in this game are not its strongest point; if you run out of patience, you can find yourself ramboing through the structures!

How it can be fixed:

  • Better hitboxes for headshots
  • More realistic AI
  • Lesser chance of being discovered

1. English Dubbing

My skeleton cringing from the English dubbing.

The immersion of the game is broken by English dubbing. The voice acting is complete crap; it detracts from the game's gravity and creates the sensation that you're witnessing a shoddy soap opera. It doesn't help that Anna is the second-most important character in the game; her voice is by far the most obnoxious thing you'll ever hear.

How it can be better:

  • Hiring better voice actors for the game, make the broken Russian language sound less ridiculous

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